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UK ODDS (1/2)
US ODDS (-200)






Our correct predictions show a vertical green line on the left. Incorrect ones show red.

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Our historical backtesting results shows matches for Jan 2022. Recent backtesting shows how our model performed for matches over the last few weeks. We have thousands of predictions available each day and of course you cannot place bets on all matches. If you subscribe to our premium package not only do you get access to all predictions, but you can filter them to show the best value bets. Click here to subscribe now and get full access!
Trained with 189 variables on almost 400,000 Matches, our model has over 75% accuracy. Here are historical and recent backtesting results for our Ai Machine Learning Tennis Predictions Model. Using our model in addition to you checking the huge database of stats we have on each h2h page can give you the edge when making match predictions.
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