Rotterdam 1996 - Men's Singles

Player 1Player 2 12
F Goran Ivanisevic (CRO) 2 Yevgeny Kafelnikov (RUS) 3 H2H 9-5
SF Yevgeny Kafelnikov (RUS) 3 Tim Henman Q H2H 8-5
SF Goran Ivanisevic (CRO) 2 Guillaume Raoux (FRA) H2H 2-1
QF Tim Henman Q Pete Sampras (USA) 1
H2H 1-6
QF Yevgeny Kafelnikov (RUS) 3 Cedric Pioline (FRA) H2H 11-2
QF Guillaume Raoux (FRA) Marc Rosset (SUI) 4 H2H 2-2
QF Goran Ivanisevic (CRO) 2 Martin Damm (CZE) H2H 4-0
R16 Pete Sampras (USA) 1 Jakob Hlasek (SUI) H2H 6-1
R16 Tim Henman Q Carlos Moya (ESP) H2H 6-3
R16 Yevgeny Kafelnikov (RUS) 3 Jacco Eltingh (NLD) H2H 3-0
R16 Cedric Pioline (FRA) Richard Krajicek (NLD) 6 H2H 6-2
R16 Guillaume Raoux (FRA) Arnaud Boetsch (FRA) 5 H2H 5-0
R16 Marc Rosset (SUI) 4 David Prinosil (GER) H2H 11-1
R16 Martin Damm (CZE) Carl-Uwe Steeb (GER) H2H 2-1
R16 Goran Ivanisevic (CRO) 2 Omar Camporese (ITA) Q H2H 2-2
R32 Pete Sampras (USA) 1 Tomas Carbonell (ESP) H2H 3-0
R32 Jakob Hlasek (SUI) Daniel Vacek (CZE) H2H 1-0
R32 Carlos Moya (ESP) Martin Sinner (GER) H2H 1-0
R32 Tim Henman Q Jan Siemerink (NLD) 7 H2H 5-1
R32 Yevgeny Kafelnikov (RUS) 3 Guy Forget (FRA) H2H 4-1
R32 Jacco Eltingh (NLD) Andrei Olhovskiy (RUS) Q H2H 3-0
R32 Cedric Pioline (FRA) Karim Alami (MAR) H2H 2-0
R32 Richard Krajicek (NLD) 6 Paul Haarhuis (NLD) H2H 7-2
R32 Arnaud Boetsch (FRA) 5 Dennis van Scheppingen (NLD) WC H2H 1-0
R32 Guillaume Raoux (FRA) Slava Dosedel (CZE) H2H 1-0
R32 David Prinosil (GER) Hendrik-Jan Davids WC H2H 2-1
R32 Marc Rosset (SUI) 4 John van Lottum (NLD) WC H2H 4-0
R32 Martin Damm (CZE) Bohdan Ulihrach (CZE) 8 H2H 1-1
R32 Carl-Uwe Steeb (GER) Patrick Baur (GER) Q H2H 1-0
R32 Omar Camporese (ITA) Q Jeff Tarango (USA) H2H 2-1
R32 Goran Ivanisevic (CRO) 2 Filip De Wulf (BEL) H2H 3-1

Rotterdam 1996 - Men's Doubles

Player 1Player 2 12
F D Adams / M Barnard (RSA/RSA) LL H Davids / C Suk (/CZE) 4
SF H Davids / C Suk (/CZE) 4 W Arthurs / A Kratzmann (AUS/AUS) Q
SF D Adams / M Barnard (RSA/RSA) LL P Nyborg / L Pimek (SWE/BEL)
QF W Arthurs / A Kratzmann (AUS/AUS) Q M Keil / J Tarango (USA/USA)
QF H Davids / C Suk (/CZE) 4 N Broad / P Norval (/)
QF P Nyborg / L Pimek (SWE/BEL) M Damm / A Jarryd (CZE/SWE)
QF D Adams / M Barnard (RSA/RSA) LL T Carbonell / F Roig (ESP/ESP)
R16 W Arthurs / A Kratzmann (AUS/AUS) Q J Eltingh / P Haarhuis (NLD/NLD) 1
R16 M Keil / J Tarango (USA/USA) D Prinosil / B Talbot (GER/RSA)
R16 H Davids / C Suk (/CZE) 4 T Kempers / J van Lottum (NLD/NLD) WC
R16 N Broad / P Norval (/) J de Jager / E Ferreira (RSA/RSA)
R16 P Nyborg / L Pimek (SWE/BEL) R Gilbert / G Raoux (FRA/FRA)
R16 M Damm / A Jarryd (CZE/SWE) M Oosting / D Vacek (NLD/CZE) 3
R16 D Adams / M Barnard (RSA/RSA) LL R Sluiter / P Wessels (NLD/NLD) WC
R16 T Carbonell / F Roig (ESP/ESP) Y Kafelnikov / A Olhovskiy (RUS/RUS) 2

Rotterdam 1996 - Men's Qualifying Singles

Player 1Player 2 12
FQ Tim Henman 1 Carsten Arriens (GER) 8 H2H 1-0
FQ Andrei Olhovskiy (RUS) 2 Petr Luxa (CZE) H2H 1-0
FQ Patrick Baur (GER) 6 Davide Sanguinetti (ITA) H2H 1-0
FQ Omar Camporese (ITA) 4 Gianluca Pozzi (ITA) 5 H2H 2-0
SFQ Tim Henman 1 Sander Groen (NLD) H2H 1-1
SFQ Carsten Arriens (GER) 8 Colin Beecher H2H 1-0
SFQ Andrei Olhovskiy (RUS) 2 Ofer Sela (ISR) H2H 1-1
SFQ Petr Luxa (CZE) Olivier Delaitre (FRA) 7 H2H 1-0
SFQ Davide Sanguinetti (ITA) Oleg Ogorodov (UZB) 3 H2H 4-1
SFQ Patrick Baur (GER) 6 Nicola Bruno (ITA) H2H 1-0
SFQ Omar Camporese (ITA) 4 Raemon Sluiter (NLD) WC H2H 1-0
SFQ Gianluca Pozzi (ITA) 5 Martijn Belgraver (NLD) H2H 1-0
QFQ Tim Henman 1 Martin Verkerk (NLD) WC H2H 2-0
QFQ Sander Groen (NLD) Radomir Vasek (CZE) H2H 1-0
QFQ Colin Beecher Valentin Frieden (SUI) H2H 1-0
QFQ Carsten Arriens (GER) 8 Jerome Hanquez (FRA) H2H 1-0
QFQ Andrei Olhovskiy (RUS) 2 Jody Strik (NLD) WC H2H 1-0
QFQ Ofer Sela (ISR) Fernon Wibier (NLD) H2H 1-0
QFQ Petr Luxa (CZE) Wayne Black (ZWE) H2H 1-0
QFQ Olivier Delaitre (FRA) 7 Stephane Simian (FRA) H2H 2-0
QFQ Oleg Ogorodov (UZB) 3 Robbie Koenig (RSA) H2H 1-1
QFQ Davide Sanguinetti (ITA) Chris Haggard (RSA) H2H 1-0
QFQ Nicola Bruno (ITA) Lorenzo Manta (SUI) H2H 2-1
QFQ Patrick Baur (GER) 6 Francisco Roig (ESP) H2H 1-0
QFQ Omar Camporese (ITA) 4 David Skoch (CZE) H2H 1-0
QFQ Raemon Sluiter (NLD) WC Peter Wessels (NLD) WC H2H 1-3
QFQ Martijn Belgraver (NLD) Petr Pala (CZE) H2H 2-1
QFQ Gianluca Pozzi (ITA) 5 David Miketa (CZE) H2H 1-0

Rotterdam 1996 - Men's Qualifying Doubles

Player 1Player 2 12
FQ W Arthurs / A Kratzmann (AUS/AUS) 1 D Adams / M Barnard (RSA/RSA) 2
SFQ W Arthurs / A Kratzmann (AUS/AUS) 1 H Troost / R Wassen (NLD/NLD) WC
SFQ D Adams / M Barnard (RSA/RSA) 2 S Noteboom / F Wibier (NLD/NLD)

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