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Paris Masters 2003 - Men's Singles

Player 1Player 2 12
F Tim Henman Andrei Pavel (ROU) PR H2H 2-1
SF Andrei Pavel (ROU) PR Jiri Novak (CZE) 14 H2H 4-1
SF Tim Henman Andy Roddick (USA) 2 H2H 3-2
QF Jiri Novak (CZE) 14 Hicham Arazi (MAR) Q H2H 4-3
QF Andrei Pavel (ROU) PR Rainer Schuettler (GER) 5 H2H 4-1
QF Tim Henman Roger Federer (SUI) 3 H2H 6-7
QF Andy Roddick (USA) 2 Jonas Bjorkman (SWE) H2H 5-2
R16 Jiri Novak (CZE) 14 Juan Carlos Ferrero (ESP) 1 H2H 2-4
R16 Hicham Arazi (MAR) Q Paradorn Srichaphan (THA) 8 H2H 1-1
R16 Andrei Pavel (ROU) PR Guillermo Coria (ARG) 4
H2H 1-1
R16 Rainer Schuettler (GER) 5 Nicolas Massu (CHL) 10 H2H 1-2
R16 Tim Henman Gustavo Kuerten (BRA) H2H 5-3
R16 Roger Federer (SUI) 3 Martin Verkerk (NLD) 13 H2H 2-0
R16 Jonas Bjorkman (SWE) Gregory Carraz (FRA) Q H2H 1-0
R16 Andy Roddick (USA) 2 Tommy Robredo (ESP) 16 H2H 11-0
R32 Juan Carlos Ferrero (ESP) 1 Nicolas Mahut (FRA) Q H2H 1-2
R32 Jiri Novak (CZE) 14 Fabrice Santoro (FRA) WC H2H 5-1
R32 Hicham Arazi (MAR) Q Younes El Aynaoui (MAR) 12 H2H 1-3
R32 Paradorn Srichaphan (THA) 8 Karol Beck (SVK) Q H2H 1-0
R32 Guillermo Coria (ARG) 4 Feliciano Lopez (ESP) H2H 7-1
R32 Andrei Pavel (ROU) PR Felix Mantilla (ESP) 15 H2H 1-4
R32 Nicolas Massu (CHL) 10 Albert Costa (ESP) H2H 2-2
R32 Rainer Schuettler (GER) 5 James Blake (USA) H2H 3-1
R32 Tim Henman Sebastien Grosjean (FRA) 7 H2H 4-3
R32 Gustavo Kuerten (BRA) Mark Philippoussis (AUS) 9 H2H 2-2
R32 Martin Verkerk (NLD) 13 Dominik Hrbaty (SVK) LL H2H 2-0
R32 Roger Federer (SUI) 3 Thierry Ascione (FRA) Q H2H 2-0
R32 Jonas Bjorkman (SWE) Nicolas Lapentti (ECU) LL H2H 3-5
R32 Gregory Carraz (FRA) Q Sjeng Schalken (NLD) 11 H2H 1-2
R32 Tommy Robredo (ESP) 16 Gaston Gaudio (ARG) H2H 4-4
R32 Andy Roddick (USA) 2 Victor Hanescu (ROU) Q H2H 4-0
R64 Juan Carlos Ferrero (ESP) 1 Bye
R64 Nicolas Mahut (FRA) Q Jarkko Nieminen (FIN) H2H 2-2
R64 Fabrice Santoro (FRA) WC Max Mirnyi (BLR) H2H 2-0
R64 Jiri Novak (CZE) 14 Bye
R64 Younes El Aynaoui (MAR) 12 Bye
R64 Hicham Arazi (MAR) Q Paul-Henri Mathieu (FRA) WC H2H 3-0
R64 Karol Beck (SVK) Q Robby Ginepri (USA) H2H 2-2
R64 Paradorn Srichaphan (THA) 8 Bye
R64 Guillermo Coria (ARG) 4 Bye
R64 Feliciano Lopez (ESP) Mikhail Youzhny (RUS) H2H 6-2
R64 Andrei Pavel (ROU) PR Karol Kucera (SVK) H2H 3-2
R64 Felix Mantilla (ESP) 15 Bye
R64 Nicolas Massu (CHL) 10 Bye
R64 Albert Costa (ESP) Mariano Zabaleta (ARG) H2H 5-0
R64 James Blake (USA) Fernando Gonzalez (CHL) H2H 3-6
R64 Rainer Schuettler (GER) 5 Bye
R64 Sebastien Grosjean (FRA) 7 Bye
R64 Tim Henman Nikolay Davydenko (RUS) H2H 2-1
R64 Gustavo Kuerten (BRA) Mardy Fish (USA) H2H 2-0
R64 Mark Philippoussis (AUS) 9 Bye
R64 Martin Verkerk (NLD) 13 Bye
R64 Dominik Hrbaty (SVK) LL Vince Spadea (USA) H2H 4-2
R64 Thierry Ascione (FRA) Q Juan Ignacio Chela (ARG) H2H 1-1
R64 Roger Federer (SUI) 3 Bye
R64 Nicolas Lapentti (ECU) LL Bye
R64 Jonas Bjorkman (SWE) Agustin Calleri (ARG) H2H 2-1
R64 Gregory Carraz (FRA) Q Radek Stepanek (CZE) H2H 1-2
R64 Sjeng Schalken (NLD) 11 Bye
R64 Tommy Robredo (ESP) 16 Bye
R64 Gaston Gaudio (ARG) Richard Gasquet (FRA) WC H2H 2-2
R64 Victor Hanescu (ROU) Q Wayne Ferreira (RSA) H2H 2-1
R64 Andy Roddick (USA) 2 Bye

Paris Masters 2003 - Men's Doubles

Player 1Player 2 12
F W Arthurs / P Hanley (AUS/AUS) M Llodra / F Santoro (FRA/FRA) 4
SF W Arthurs / P Hanley (AUS/AUS) M Knowles / D Nestor (BHS/CAN) 3
SF M Llodra / F Santoro (FRA/FRA) 4 J Bjorkman / T Woodbridge (SWE/AUS) 2
QF W Arthurs / P Hanley (AUS/AUS) W Black / K Ullyett (ZWE/ZWE)
QF M Knowles / D Nestor (BHS/CAN) 3 G Etlis / M Rodriguez (ARG/ARG)
QF M Llodra / F Santoro (FRA/FRA) 4 A Corretja / F Lopez (ESP/ESP) WC
QF J Bjorkman / T Woodbridge (SWE/AUS) 2 C Haggard / P Vizner (RSA/CZE)
R16 W Black / K Ullyett (ZWE/ZWE) B Bryan / M Bryan (USA/USA) 1
R16 W Arthurs / P Hanley (AUS/AUS) T Robredo / R Schuettler (ESP/GER)
R16 M Knowles / D Nestor (BHS/CAN) 3 A Calleri / N Massu (ARG/CHL)
R16 G Etlis / M Rodriguez (ARG/ARG) J Palmer / D Rikl (USA/CZE)
R16 A Corretja / F Lopez (ESP/ESP) WC J Benneteau / N Mahut (FRA/FRA) WC
R16 M Llodra / F Santoro (FRA/FRA) 4 M Damm / C Suk (CZE/CZE)
R16 C Haggard / P Vizner (RSA/CZE) M Fish / M Mirnyi (USA/BLR)
R16 J Bjorkman / T Woodbridge (SWE/AUS) 2 L Arnold Ker / G Coria (ARG/ARG)

Paris Masters 2003 - Men's Qualifying Singles

Player 1Player 2 12
FQ Nicolas Mahut (FRA) WC Dominik Hrbaty (SVK) 8 H2H 1-1
FQ Victor Hanescu (ROU) Antony Dupuis (FRA) 11 H2H 2-1
FQ Gregory Carraz (FRA) Nicolas Lapentti (ECU) 9 H2H 1-0
FQ Karol Beck (SVK) 10 Christophe Rochus (BEL) H2H 1-1
FQ Thierry Ascione (FRA) Michael Llodra (FRA) WC H2H 2-2
FQ Hicham Arazi (MAR) 7 Fernando Verdasco (ESP) H2H 1-0
SFQ Nicolas Mahut (FRA) WC Taylor Dent (USA) 1 H2H 1-0
SFQ Dominik Hrbaty (SVK) 8 Jean-Rene Lisnard (MCO) H2H 4-0
SFQ Victor Hanescu (ROU) Rafael Nadal (ESP) 2 H2H 1-4
SFQ Antony Dupuis (FRA) 11 Irakli Labadze (GEO) H2H 1-2
SFQ Gregory Carraz (FRA) Filippo Volandri (ITA) 3 H2H 1-0
SFQ Nicolas Lapentti (ECU) 9 Olivier Patience (FRA) WC H2H 1-0
SFQ Christophe Rochus (BEL) Jan-Frode Andersen (NOR) A H2H 1-1
SFQ Karol Beck (SVK) 10 Cyril Saulnier (FRA) H2H 2-1
SFQ Thierry Ascione (FRA) Nicolas Kiefer (GER) 5 H2H 1-1
SFQ Michael Llodra (FRA) WC Ivo Karlovic (CRO) 12 H2H 4-0
SFQ Fernando Verdasco (ESP) Stefan Koubek (AUT) 6 H2H 2-0
SFQ Hicham Arazi (MAR) 7 Julien Benneteau (FRA) WC H2H 1-0

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