M15 San Diego, Wk. 24 2022 - Men's Singles

Player 1Player 2 12
F Ethan Quinn August Holmgren (DEN) H2H 1-0
SF Ethan Quinn Alex Michelsen H2H 1-0
SF August Holmgren (DEN) Yuta Kikuchi (JPN) q H2H 1-0
QF Ethan Quinn Tadeas Paroulek (CZE) H2H 1-0
QF Alex Michelsen Kareem Allaf (SYR) H2H 1-0
QF August Holmgren (DEN) Duarte Vale (PRT) 4 H2H 2-0
QF Yuta Kikuchi (JPN) q Siem Woldeab WC H2H 1-0
R16 Ethan Quinn Colin Markes (USA) H2H 1-0
R16 Tadeas Paroulek (CZE) Benjamin Sigouin (CAN) H2H 1-0
R16 Alex Michelsen Zhe Li (CHN) 3 H2H 1-0
R16 Kareem Allaf (SYR) Nathan Ponwith (USA) 5 H2H 1-1
R16 August Holmgren (DEN) Ajeet Rai (NZL) 8 H2H 1-0
R16 Duarte Vale (PRT) 4 Fletcher Scott (USA) H2H 1-0
R16 Yuta Kikuchi (JPN) q Isaiah Strode (USA) 7 H2H 1-0
R16 Siem Woldeab WC Learner Tien H2H 1-0
R32 Colin Markes (USA) Zachary Svajda 1 H2H 1-0
R32 Ethan Quinn Joe Tyler (GBR) q H2H 1-0
R32 Tadeas Paroulek (CZE) Kyle Kang H2H 1-0
R32 Benjamin Sigouin (CAN) Tsung-Hua Yang 6 H2H 1-0
R32 Zhe Li (CHN) 3 Ivan Thamma WC H2H 1-0
R32 Alex Michelsen Ryan Seggerman (USA) q H2H 1-0
R32 Kareem Allaf (SYR) Austin Ansari (USA) q H2H 1-0
R32 Nathan Ponwith (USA) 5 Bryce Nakashima Nakashima q H2H 1-0
R32 Ajeet Rai (NZL) 8 Jacob Brumm (USA) q H2H 2-0
R32 August Holmgren (DEN) Kalman L. Boyd (USA) H2H 1-0
R32 Fletcher Scott (USA) Elijah Strode WC H2H 2-0
R32 Duarte Vale (PRT) 4 Connor Farren (USA) H2H 1-0
R32 Isaiah Strode (USA) 7 Timothy Sah (USA) WC H2H 1-0
R32 Yuta Kikuchi (JPN) q Alex Jones (USA) q H2H 1-0
R32 Siem Woldeab WC Max Basing q H2H 1-0
R32 Learner Tien Gage Brymer (USA) 2 H2H 1-0

M15 San Diego, Wk. 24 2022 - Men's Doubles

Player 1Player 2 12
F Z / T Yang (CHN/) 1 TBA
SF Z / T Yang (CHN/) 1 TBA
QF Z / T Yang (CHN/) 1 T Sah / R Seggerman (USA/USA) WC
QF TBA C Markes / A Rai (USA/NZL) 2
R16 Z / T Yang (CHN/) 1 TBA
R16 T Sah / R Seggerman (USA/USA) WC TBA
R16 TBA E Elijah / I Strode (/USA)
R16 C Markes / A Rai (USA/NZL) 2 TBA

M15 San Diego, Wk. 24 2022 - Men's Qualifying Singles

Player 1Player 2 12
FQ Yuta Kikuchi (JPN) q Quinn Vandecasteele H2H 1-0
FQ Joe Tyler (GBR) q Michael Shabaz (USA) H2H 1-1
FQ Bryce Nakashima Nakashima q Siddhant Banthia H2H 1-0
FQ Max Basing q Aurel Ciocanu (CAN) H2H 1-0
FQ Ryan Seggerman (USA) q Mitchell Harper (AUS) H2H 1-0
FQ Alex Jones (USA) q Jeffrey Hsu H2H 1-0
FQ Austin Ansari (USA) q Ishaan Ravichander H2H 1-0
FQ Jacob Brumm (USA) q Alexander Petrov H2H 1-0
QFQ Yuta Kikuchi (JPN) q Zhengqing Ji H2H 1-0
QFQ Quinn Vandecasteele Wally Thayne H2H 1-0
QFQ Michael Shabaz (USA) Joseph Corse (USA) H2H 1-0
QFQ Joe Tyler (GBR) q Sasha Kovacevic H2H 1-0
QFQ Siddhant Banthia Enrique Macias H2H 1-0
QFQ Bryce Nakashima Nakashima q Ali Amiri H2H 1-0
QFQ Max Basing q Noah Zamora H2H 1-0
QFQ Aurel Ciocanu (CAN) Mihnea Lorin Stefan Turcu (ROU) H2H 1-0
QFQ Mitchell Harper (AUS) Masato Perera H2H 1-0
QFQ Ryan Seggerman (USA) q Jared Thompkins (USA) H2H 1-0
QFQ Alex Jones (USA) q Lucas Gomez (MEX) 1  7  H2H 1-0
QFQ Jeffrey Hsu Ethan Schiffman H2H 1-0
QFQ Austin Ansari (USA) q Alessandro-Damiano Ventre (BRA) H2H 1-0
QFQ Ishaan Ravichander David Duong H2H 1-0
QFQ Alexander Petrov Kuan Yu Chen H2H 1-0
QFQ Jacob Brumm (USA) q Alfredo Casso (USA) H2H 1-0

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