M15 Jakarta, Wk. 33 2019 - Men's Singles

Player 1Player 2 12
F Sho Shimabukuro (JPN) Ruan Roelofse (RSA) H2H 1-0
SF Sho Shimabukuro (JPN) Dayne Kelly (AUS) 1 H2H 1-0
SF Ruan Roelofse (RSA) Aryan Goveas (IND) q H2H 1-0
QF Dayne Kelly (AUS) 1 Matthew Christopher Romios (AUS) 6 H2H 1-1
QF Sho Shimabukuro (JPN) Niki Kaliyanda Poonacha (IND) H2H 1-0
QF Aryan Goveas (IND) q Kasidit Samrej (THA) JR H2H 1-0
QF Ruan Roelofse (RSA) Ajeet Rai (NZL) H2H 1-0
R16 Dayne Kelly (AUS) 1 Shao-Fan Liu q H2H 1-0
R16 Matthew Christopher Romios (AUS) 6 Hiroyasu Ehara (JPN) H2H 1-1
R16 Niki Kaliyanda Poonacha (IND) Jumpei Yamasaki (JPN) 3 H2H 1-1
R16 Sho Shimabukuro (JPN) Seong-Gook Oh (KOR) H2H 1-0
R16 Aryan Goveas (IND) q Kento Takeuchi (JPN) 7 H2H 1-0
R16 Kasidit Samrej (THA) JR Aaron Addison (AUS) q H2H 1-0
R16 Ruan Roelofse (RSA) Manish Sureshkumar (IND) H2H 1-0
R16 Ajeet Rai (NZL) Aaron Schmid q H2H 1-0
R32 Dayne Kelly (AUS) 1 Tsung-Hao Huang (TPE) q H2H 1-0
R32 Shao-Fan Liu q Bill Duo WC H2H 1-0
R32 Hiroyasu Ehara (JPN) Justin Barki (INA) WC H2H 1-0
R32 Matthew Christopher Romios (AUS) 6 Ari Fahresi WC H2H 1-0
R32 Jumpei Yamasaki (JPN) 3 Phuong Van Nguyen (_VI) JR H2H 1-0
R32 Niki Kaliyanda Poonacha (IND) Rhett Purcell (GBR) q H2H 1-0
R32 Seong-Gook Oh (KOR) Jung-Woong Na H2H 1-0
R32 Sho Shimabukuro (JPN) Kuan-Yi Lee 8 H2H 1-0
R32 Kento Takeuchi (JPN) 7 Seon Yong Han (KOR) JR H2H 1-0
R32 Aryan Goveas (IND) q Dusty H. Boyer (USA) q H2H 1-0
R32 Aaron Addison (AUS) q Kunal Anand (IND) q H2H 1-0
R32 Kasidit Samrej (THA) JR Luca Castelnuovo 4 H2H 1-0
R32 Ruan Roelofse (RSA) JONATHAN Gray (GBR) 5 H2H 1-0
R32 Manish Sureshkumar (IND) Fitriadi M Rifqi (INA) WC H2H 1-0
R32 Ajeet Rai (NZL) Chien Hsun Lo H2H 1-0
R32 Aaron Schmid q Cheong-Eui Kim (KOR) 2 H2H 1-0

M15 Jakarta, Wk. 33 2019 - Men's Qualifying Singles

Player 1Player 2 12
FQ Kunal Anand (IND) q Uisung Park (KOR) H2H 1-0
FQ Rhett Purcell (GBR) q Pak Long Yeung (HKG) H2H 1-0
FQ Dusty H. Boyer (USA) q Ray Ho (TPE) 1.33  3.00  H2H 1-0
FQ Shao-Fan Liu q Karunuday Singh (IND) H2H 1-0
FQ Tsung-Hao Huang (TPE) q Takashi Saito (JPN) H2H 1-0
FQ Aaron Schmid q Soichiro Moritani (JPN) H2H 1-0
FQ Aaron Addison (AUS) q Alexander Crnokrak (AUS) H2H 1-0
FQ Aryan Goveas (IND) q Cing-Yang Meng H2H 1-0
QFQ Kunal Anand (IND) q Cheng-Yu Yu H2H 1-1
QFQ Uisung Park (KOR) Yeongseok Jeong (KOR) H2H 1-0
QFQ Rhett Purcell (GBR) q Muhammad ALTHAF Dhaifullah (INA) H2H 1-0
QFQ Pak Long Yeung (HKG) S D Prajwal Dev (IND) H2H 1-0
QFQ Dusty H. Boyer (USA) q Jiaqi Duan (CHN) H2H 1-0
QFQ Ray Ho (TPE) Jayden Court (AUS) H2H 1-0
QFQ Karunuday Singh (IND) Mehluli Don Ayanda Sibanda (ZIM) H2H 1-0
QFQ Shao-Fan Liu q Lucas Vuradin (AUS) H2H 1-0
QFQ Tsung-Hao Huang (TPE) q Hanyi Liu (_CH) H2H 1-0
QFQ Takashi Saito (JPN) Muhammad Ali Akbar Ramadhani H2H 1-0
QFQ Soichiro Moritani (JPN) Jesse Delaney (AUS) H2H 2-0
QFQ Aaron Schmid q Cameron Green (AUS) H2H 1-0
QFQ Alexander Crnokrak (AUS) Danielle Abadia H2H 1-0
QFQ Aaron Addison (AUS) q Anthony Susanto (INA) H2H 1-1
QFQ Aryan Goveas (IND) q Rishi Reddy (IND) H2H 1-0
QFQ Cing-Yang Meng Arief Rahman H2H 1-0
Gamble Responsibly 18+

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