M15 Cancun, Wk. 40 2021 - Men's Singles

Player 1Player 2 12
F Christian Langmo (USA) 5 Jaimee Floyd Angele (FRA) H2H 1-1
SF Jaimee Floyd Angele (FRA) Alfredo Perez (USA) H2H 1-0
SF Christian Langmo (USA) 5 Juan Hernandez Serrano H2H 1-0
QF Christian Langmo (USA) 5 Seita Watanabe (JPN) q H2H 2-0
QF Jaimee Floyd Angele (FRA) Federico Agustin Gomez (ARG) q H2H 2-1
QF Juan Hernandez Serrano Jesse Flores (CAN) H2H 3-0
QF Alfredo Perez (USA) Adam El Mihdawy (USA) H2H 2-0
R16 Federico Agustin Gomez (ARG) q Juan Sebastian Gomez (COL) 8 H2H 1-1
R16 Jaimee Floyd Angele (FRA) Sho Shimabukuro (JPN) 3 H2H 2-0
R16 Alfredo Perez (USA) Dali Blanch H2H 1-0
R16 Adam El Mihdawy (USA) Jose Pereira (BRA) H2H 1-0
R16 Juan Hernandez Serrano Giles Hussey q H2H 1-0
R16 Seita Watanabe (JPN) q Emil Reinberg (USA) q H2H 1-1
R16 Christian Langmo (USA) 5 Matt Kuhar (USA) q H2H 1-0
R16 Jesse Flores (CAN) Matic Spec H2H 1-1
R32 Jaimee Floyd Angele (FRA) Wishaya Trongcharoenchaikul (THA) H2H 1-0
R32 Sho Shimabukuro (JPN) 3 Alejandro Mendoza H2H 1-0
R32 Jesse Flores (CAN) Luca Moro Almeida WC H2H 1-0
R32 Jose Pereira (BRA) Naoki Tajima (JPN) 6 H2H 1-0
R32 Juan Sebastian Gomez (COL) 8 Alejandro HOYOS Franco (COL) H2H 3-0
R32 Matic Spec Matias Franco Descotte (ARG) 1 H2H 1-1
R32 Dali Blanch Strong Kirchheimer (USA) 2 H2H 1-0
R32 Alfredo Perez (USA) Alfredo Casso (USA) WC H2H 2-0
R32 Matt Kuhar (USA) q Julian Messina Messina WC H2H 1-0
R32 Giles Hussey q Dusty H. Boyer (USA) 7 H2H 1-0
R32 Christian Langmo (USA) 5 Stefano Liokossis WC H2H 1-0
R32 Seita Watanabe (JPN) q Siddhant Banthia H2H 1-0
R32 Emil Reinberg (USA) q Gerardo Lopez Villasenor (MEX) 4 H2H 2-1
R32 Federico Agustin Gomez (ARG) q Alexander Bernard H2H 2-0
R32 Juan Hernandez Serrano Mwendwa Mbithi (USA) H2H 1-0
R32 Adam El Mihdawy (USA) Hans Christian Bustiman Gonzalez q H2H 1-0

M15 Cancun, Wk. 40 2021 - Men's Doubles

Player 1Player 2 12
F S Siddhant / S Watanabe (/JPN) 3 S Shimabukuro / N Tajima (JPN/JPN) 1
SF S Shimabukuro / N Tajima (JPN/JPN) 1 J Gomez / J Juan (COL/) 4
SF S Siddhant / S Watanabe (/JPN) 3 A Mendoza / A Urrea (/COL)
QF S Shimabukuro / N Tajima (JPN/JPN) 1 I Ivar / A Perez (/USA)
QF J Gomez / J Juan (COL/) 4 J Julian / F Santamaria (/COL) ALT
QF S Siddhant / S Watanabe (/JPN) 3 G Giles / A Jones (/GBR)
QF A Mendoza / A Urrea (/COL) M Descotte / J Pereira (ARG/BRA) 2
R16 J Julian / F Santamaria (/COL) ALT A Casso / H Estrella (USA/DOM) WC
R16 A Mendoza / A Urrea (/COL) M Gomez / A Franco (COL/COL)
R16 S Siddhant / S Watanabe (/JPN) 3 w Esdras / J Olaya (MEX/MEX) WC
R16 G Giles / A Jones (/GBR) L Civita-telles / G Roveri Sidney (BRA/BRA)
R16 J Gomez / J Juan (COL/) 4 L Britto / F Yamacita (BRA/BRA)
R16 I Ivar / A Perez (/USA) L Luca / L Lucca (/) WC
R16 S Shimabukuro / N Tajima (JPN/JPN) 1 M Kuhar / M Mbithi (USA/USA)
R16 M Descotte / J Pereira (ARG/BRA) 2 J Joao / W Trongcharoenchaikul (/THA)

M15 Cancun, Wk. 40 2021 - Men's Qualifying Singles

Player 1Player 2 12
FQ Emil Reinberg (USA) q Luis Britto (BRA) H2H 2-0
FQ Matt Kuhar (USA) q Nikolas Moceanu (USA) H2H 1-0
FQ Hans Christian Bustiman Gonzalez q Jack Gibbens (GBR) H2H 1-0
FQ Federico Agustin Gomez (ARG) q Fernando Yamacita (BRA) H2H 1-0
FQ Giles Hussey q Adam Jones (GBR) H2H 1-0
FQ Seita Watanabe (JPN) q Julian Cundom H2H 1-0
SFQ Seita Watanabe (JPN) q Enzo Frances Tessari H2H 1-0
SFQ Julian Cundom Yahir Emiliano Moheno H2H 1-0
SFQ Giles Hussey q Austin Ansari (USA) H2H 1-0
SFQ Adam Jones (GBR) Andres Urrea (COL) H2H 1-0
SFQ Fernando Yamacita (BRA) Pietro Mugelli (ITA) H2H 1-0
SFQ Federico Agustin Gomez (ARG) q Miles Jones (USA) 1  7  H2H 1-0
SFQ Jack Gibbens (GBR) Diego Bustamante H2H 2-0
SFQ Luis Britto (BRA) wulfrano MARTINEZ MORA Esdras (MEX) H2H 1-0
SFQ Emil Reinberg (USA) q Joao Victor Couto Loureiro H2H 1-0
SFQ Nikolas Moceanu (USA) Leonardo Civita-Telles (BRA) H2H 1-0
SFQ Matt Kuhar (USA) q Mateo Gomez (COL) H2H 1-0
SFQ Hans Christian Bustiman Gonzalez q Lucca Pinto H2H 1-0
QFQ Miles Jones (USA) Ronaldo Alexandre H2H 1-0
QFQ Pietro Mugelli (ITA) Jorge Olaya (MEX) H2H 1-0
QFQ Fernando Yamacita (BRA) Babji Siva Atturu (IND) H2H 1-0
QFQ Adam Jones (GBR) Jake Bhangdia H2H 1-0
QFQ Andres Urrea (COL) Felipe Santamaria (COL) H2H 1-0
QFQ Austin Ansari (USA) Cristobal Zamorano H2H 1-0
QFQ Giles Hussey q Jose Elias Yapur H2H 1-0
QFQ Julian Cundom Juan Manuel Rodriguez Leyva H2H 1-0
QFQ Yahir Emiliano Moheno Lucas Fuly H2H 1-0
QFQ Enzo Frances Tessari Leonardo Zarate H2H 1-0
QFQ Federico Agustin Gomez (ARG) q Luis Alberto Arias Ordonez H2H 1-0
QFQ Jack Gibbens (GBR) Alex Jones (USA) H2H 1-0
QFQ Diego Bustamante Colin Markes (USA) H2H 1-1
QFQ Luis Britto (BRA) Kento Tagashira (JPN) H2H 1-0
QFQ wulfrano MARTINEZ MORA Esdras (MEX) Guillermo Aracena H2H 1-0
QFQ Emil Reinberg (USA) q Gabriel Roveri Sidney (BRA) H2H 1-0
QFQ Joao Victor Couto Loureiro Enrique Macias H2H 1-0
QFQ Leonardo Civita-Telles (BRA) Oscar Matias Leiva Biason H2H 1-0
QFQ Nikolas Moceanu (USA) Andres Cortes H2H 1-0
QFQ Matt Kuhar (USA) q Rodrigo Reyna (MEX) H2H 1-0
QFQ Mateo Gomez (COL) Ivar Aramburu Contreras H2H 1-0
QFQ Lucca Pinto Toby D. Boyer H2H 1-0
QFQ Hans Christian Bustiman Gonzalez q Ricardo Reyna H2H 1-0
QFQ Seita Watanabe (JPN) q Fernando Andres Zuniga Cantillana H2H 1-0

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