Zhodino fixtures stats results
Country: Belarus
Stadium: Stadyen Tarpeda
Address: ul. Derevjanko
Coach: Y. Puntus

Zhodino Squad

V. Bushma
R. Syamuk
A. Kozlov
V. Ustinov
A. Vyatkin
E. Astakhov
D. Aliseyko
V. Shcherbo
M. Bordachev
D. Yashin
K. Premudrov
Y. Habovda
Gabriel Ramos
A. Khachaturyan
N. Nikolaevich
K. Leonovich
Lipe Veloso
Y. Pavlyukovets
A. Aussi
N. Kaplenko
M. Afanasjev
N. Stepanov
I. Butenas
I. Kukharchik
D. Antilevskiy
V. Zhurnevich

Zhodino Stats

League Rank 5
Total Wins 10
Home Wins 7
Away Wins 3
Total Draws 8
Home Draws 3
Away Draws 5
Total Lost 5
Home Lost 2
Away Lost 3
Goals Scored 36
Goals Against 29
Clean Sheets 8
Av Goals Scored Per Game 1.57
Av Goals Against Per Game 1.26
Av 1st Goal Scored Time 41m
Av 1st Goal Against Time 33m

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Zhodino Stats, Results, & Fixtures

Recent Transfers By Zhodino

Date Transfer Player Name Other Team Type
2021-11-07 Out V. Gorbachik Liepāja Loan
2020-10-07 Out A. Bondarenko Gomel Free
2020-10-07 Out Artem Solovey Shakhtyor Free
2020-09-07 Out A. Bogdanov Smolevichy Loan
2020-09-07 Out D. Levitskiy Belshina Loan
2020-09-07 Out D. Yusov Isloch Free
2020-08-07 Out J. Poé Neman Free
2021-03-04 Out I. Dzugir Orsha Free
2022-04-03 Out J. Poé Smolevichy Loan
2022-04-03 Out A. Bondarenko Smolevichy Loan
2022-04-02 Out I. Sidor Smorgon Free
2022-04-02 Out A. Krasnov Smorgon Free
2021-09-02 Out V. Gayduchik Ruh Brest Free
2021-06-02 Out M. Mishchenko Taraz Free
2021-06-02 Out I. Kuzmenok Isloch Free
2021-04-02 Out S. Bukorac Kaspiy Free
2020-06-02 Out M. Obradović Okzhetpes Free
2022-04-01 Out V. Klimovich Dinamo Minsk Free
2022-04-01 Out A. Shchadin Nizhny Novg. Free
2022-02-01 Out D. Yaskovich Gorodeya Free
2020-11-01 Out B. Myshenko Oleksandria Free
2020-01-01 Out R. Begunov Shakhtyor Free
2020-07-08 In Y. Habovda Debrecen Free
2020-08-07 In Moresche Riga Loan
2020-08-07 In E. Astakhov Kremin' Free
2020-07-07 In A. Bondarenko Smolevichy Unknown
2020-01-07 In A. Vyatkin Chayka Free
2022-03-03 In Lipe Veloso Lviv Loan
2021-06-03 In Gabriel Ramos Dinamo Batumi Free
2020-06-03 In V. Zhurnevich Slonim Free
2020-06-03 In V. Ustinov Atyrau Free
2020-05-03 In K. Leonovich Lida Free
2020-05-03 In D. Antilevskiy Dinamo Minsk Free
2020-05-03 In M. Bordachev Shakhtyor Loan
2020-05-02 In Y. Pavlyukovets Belshina Free
2020-05-02 In A. Bondarenko Dnyapro Unknown
2022-06-01 In N. Stepanov Dnyapro Free
2022-06-01 In R. Syamuk Slavia Free
2022-03-01 In I. Kukharchik Belshina Free
2021-09-01 In N. Kaplenko Dinamo Minsk Free
2021-06-01 In D. Yashin Dnyapro Free
2020-09-01 In M. Afanasjev Isloch Free
2020-01-01 In I. Sidor Lida Unknown
2020-01-01 In A. Krasnov Smolevichy Unknown

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