Tombense fixtures stats results
Country: Brazil
Stadium: Estádio Antônio Guimarães de Almeida
Address: Praça 27 de Janeiro
Coach: Eugênio Souza

Tombense Squad

Felipe Barros
João Victor
João Paulo
Felipe Costa
Luiz Fernando
Matheus Claudino

Tombense Stats

League Rank 7
Total Wins 6
Home Wins 3
Away Wins 3
Total Draws 5
Home Draws 4
Away Draws 1
Total Lost 7
Home Lost 2
Away Lost 5
Goals Scored 17
Goals Against 20
Clean Sheets 5
Av Goals Scored Per Game 0.94
Av Goals Against Per Game 1.11
Av 1st Goal Scored Time 43m
Av 1st Goal Against Time 52m

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Tombense Stats, Results, & Fixtures

Recent Transfers By Tombense

Date Transfer Player Name Other Team Type
2019-01-10 Out Felipe Garcia Sport Unknown
2021-01-09 Out Willian Rocha Oeste Loan
2019-12-09 Out Matheus Trindade Joinville Loan
2019-12-09 Out Robson Rodrigo Joinville Loan
2019-12-09 Out Lucas Sá Joinville Loan
2019-12-09 Out Rubens Joinville Loan
2019-06-09 Out Natanael Ferroviário Loan
2019-05-09 Out Marquinhos Paraná Loan
2019-05-09 Out Rodrigo Paraná Loan
2019-01-09 Out Manoel Almirante Bar. Loan
2020-08-08 Out Reniê Mirassol Unknown
2020-07-08 Out Everton Ponte Preta Loan
2020-06-08 Out Mateus Santiago Apucarana Loan
2020-02-08 Out A. Tachibana Yokohama Unknown
2019-01-08 Out Joao Paulo Novorizontino Loan
2019-01-08 Out Maycon Friburguense Loan
2021-07-07 Out Getúlio Paços Ferreira Unknown
2019-03-07 Out Bruninho Aves Free
2019-01-07 Out Denner Londrina Loan
2021-02-06 Out Leandro Rio São Paulo Loan
2019-10-06 Out Abner Almirante Bar. Loan
2019-03-06 Out Felipe Costa Almirante Bar. Loan
2019-01-06 Out Everton Sena Inter Limeira Unknown
2021-06-05 Out Theo Kruger Figueirense Loan
2021-03-05 Out Diego América MG Loan
2020-05-05 Out Rafinha Atlético CE Unknown
2020-01-05 Out Igor Guarani Loan
2019-02-05 Out Daniel Sousa Almirante Bar. Loan
2019-01-05 Out Rafael Pernão Vitória Loan
2019-01-05 Out Hugo Cabral Cuiabá Loan
2021-06-04 Out Leandro Sobradinho Loan
2021-01-04 Out Juan Boavista Free
2020-11-04 Out Gustavo Schutz Botafogo SP Loan
2019-11-04 Out Rodrigo Carioca Paraná Loan
2019-09-04 Out Mateus Santiago PSTC Loan
2019-01-03 Out Rhayner Sanfrecce Loan
2021-03-02 Out Renato São Bernardo Loan
2019-07-02 Out Judson Earthquakes Loan
2019-05-02 Out Luiz Fernando Paranaense Loan
2020-12-01 Out Mayron Jacuipense Free
2020-11-01 Out Paquetá Monza Loan
2020-09-01 Out Wesley Figueirense Loan
2020-09-01 Out Andre Krobel Náutico Loan
2020-03-01 Out Guilherme Santos Paraná Loan
2020-02-01 Out Gabriel Silva CRB Loan
2019-11-01 Out Rubens Figueirense Loan
2019-10-01 Out Alípio Figueirense Loan
2019-08-01 Out Braga Marcílio Dias Unknown
2019-07-01 Out Tauã São Luiz Loan
2019-07-01 Out Matheus Lopes Paraná Unknown
2019-05-01 Out João Paulo Avaí Loan
2019-03-01 Out Leandro Paracatu Loan
2019-02-01 Out Felipe Costa Paysandu Loan
2019-02-01 Out Maycon ASA Loan
2019-02-01 Out Natanael ASA Loan
2019-02-01 Out Igor Ponte Preta Loan
2019-02-01 Out Denner Vila Nova Loan
2019-02-01 Out Hugo Cabral Ponte Preta Loan
2019-01-01 Out Neto Iporá Loan
2019-01-01 Out Diego Fortaleza Loan
2019-01-01 Out Kevin Goiás Loan
2019-01-01 Out Victor Paysandu Loan
2019-01-01 Out Rafael Pernão Cabofriense Loan
2019-01-01 Out Anderson Rosa Cabofriense Unknown
2019-01-01 Out Polaco CRB Loan
2019-01-01 Out Paulo Vitor Tupi Free
2020-04-12 In Pedro Castro Avaí Unknown
2019-11-12 In Everton Ponte Preta Unknown
2019-01-12 In Keké Vila Nova Unknown
2019-11-10 In Victor Paysandu Unknown
2019-08-09 In Abner Almirante Bar. Unknown
2019-04-09 In Felipe Costa Paysandu Unknown
2021-07-07 In Getúlio Avaí Unknown
2020-11-07 In A. Tachibana Yokohama Loan
2019-01-07 In Adeílson Urooba Unknown
2021-02-06 In João Paulo CRB Unknown
2020-03-05 In Ícaro Santo André Unknown
2019-09-05 In Luiz Fernando Horizonte Unknown
2019-09-05 In Henrique Santos Linense Free
2019-03-05 In Rubens Figueirense Unknown
2021-01-04 In Reniê Guarani MG Free
2020-03-04 In Manoel Cabofriense Unknown
2020-03-04 In Felipe Cordeiro Avenida Unknown
2020-01-04 In Felipe Barros Rio Preto Unknown
2019-11-04 In Rodrigo Carioca Paraná Unknown
2019-05-03 In Judivan Cruzeiro Loan
2019-01-02 In Willian Rocha Nagoya Unknown
2020-08-01 In Wesley Figueirense Unknown
2020-07-01 In Mateus Santiago Grêmio Unknown
2020-05-01 In Rhayner Vitória Unknown
2019-11-01 In Reynaldo Ponte Preta Loan
2019-10-01 In Arthur Henrique Cruzeiro Loan
2019-10-01 In Juan CSA Free
2019-05-01 In Felipe Garcia CSA Free
2019-03-01 In Ralph Roberto Guaratinguetá Unknown
2019-02-01 In João Victor América SP Free
2019-02-01 In Gustavo Schutz Fluminense Unknown
2019-02-01 In Matheus Trindade Flamengo Free
2019-02-01 In Denilson Silva Santa Cruz Loan
2019-02-01 In Abner Marcílio Dias Free
2019-02-01 In Flay Guaratinguetá Unknown
2019-02-01 In Lucas Sá Avaí Free
2019-02-01 In Rubens América MG Unknown
2019-02-01 In Lincoln Almirante Bar. Free
2019-02-01 In Cássio Ortega Salgueiro Unknown
2019-01-01 In Edson Rio Claro Loan
2019-01-01 In Robson Rodrigo Guarani Unknown
2019-01-01 In Rafinha Carlstad Utd Free
2019-01-01 In Ricardo Jesús Juventude Free

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