Queretaro fixtures stats results
Country: Mexico
Stadium: Estadio La Corregidora
Address: Avenida Luis Vega Monroy 409-4
Coach: A. Diego

Queretaro Squad

E. Bravo
G. Alcalá
G. Ruiz
J. Velázquez
M. Rea
A. Luna
E. Vera
J. Doldán
D. Cervantes
J. Robles
J. Juárez
J. Meza
I. Zurita
K. Escamilla
F. Madrigal
F. Rivera
J. Ibarra
G. Montes
J. Perlaza
J. Betancourt
N. Albarracín
K. Ramírez
S. Sosa
J. Nava
O. Islas
A. Sepúlveda
H. Silveira
O. Arellano
D. Salazar

Queretaro Stats

League Rank 11
Total Wins 3
Home Wins 3
Away Wins 0
Total Draws 2
Home Draws 1
Away Draws 1
Total Lost 6
Home Lost 1
Away Lost 5
Goals Scored 16
Goals Against 17
Clean Sheets 1
Av Goals Scored Per Game 1.45
Av Goals Against Per Game 1.55
Av 1st Goal Scored Time 45m
Av 1st Goal Against Time 38m

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Queretaro Stats, Results, & Fixtures

Recent Transfers By Queretaro

Date Transfer Player Name Other Team Type
2020-01-09 Out V. Milke Morelia Unknown
2021-11-07 Out J. Orejuela Barcelona Loan
2020-02-07 Out J. Medina Pumas Tabasco Unknown
2020-01-07 Out R. Fernández Dorados Unknown
2020-01-07 Out S. Manríquez Dorados Unknown
2020-01-07 Out E. Espinosa Pumas Tabasco Unknown
2020-01-07 Out A. Verda Pumas Tabasco Unknown
2020-01-07 Out I. Domínguez Pumas Unknown
2020-01-07 Out J. Suárez Pumas Unknown
2020-01-07 Out Cadete A San Luis Unknown
2020-01-07 Out B. Figueroa Pumas Unknown
2020-01-07 Out A. Nava Tijuana Unknown
2020-01-07 Out M. Pérez Guadalajara Unknown
2020-01-07 Out A. Hernández Tijuana Unknown
2020-01-07 Out J. Pereira Necaxa Unknown
2020-01-07 Out E. Triverio Toluca Unknown
2022-06-06 Out F. Castillo Tijuana Unknown
2022-02-06 Out G. Corral Puebla Unknown
2021-10-06 Out A. Nahuelpán Tijuana Unknown
2021-05-06 Out M. Ruiz Tijuana Unknown
2021-05-06 Out J. Gómez Tijuana Unknown
2021-05-06 Out A. Escoto Puebla Unknown
2021-04-06 Out C. Aboagye Atlas Unknown
2021-03-06 Out G. Vázquez Tijuana Unknown
2021-03-06 Out B. Díaz Tijuana Unknown
2021-03-06 Out J. Cortizo Tijuana Unknown
2021-03-06 Out P. Yrizar Tijuana Unknown
2021-03-06 Out J. Aguilar Tijuana Unknown
2020-07-02 Out J. Soto Austin Bold Unknown
2021-01-01 Out G. Zanatta Dorados Unknown
2020-04-01 Out Everaldo Kashima Unknown
2020-01-01 Out A. Loba Monterrey Unknown
2020-01-01 Out A. Arellano Cimarrones Unknown
2020-01-01 Out L. Romo Cruz Azul Unknown
2020-01-01 Out J. Sierra Tigres Unknown
2020-01-01 Out J. Saavedra Cimarrones Unknown
2020-01-01 Out R. Peña Celaya Unknown
2020-01-01 Out J. Escoboza América Unknown
2020-01-01 Out J. Güemez Toluca Unknown
2020-01-01 Out Tiago Volpi São Paulo Unknown
2020-01-01 Out J. Romo Correcaminos Unknown
2020-01-01 Out A. Del Valle Millonarios Unknown
2020-02-07 In G. Montes Danubio Loan
2020-01-07 In J. Juárez Atlante Unknown
2020-01-07 In J. Doldán Necaxa Unknown
2020-01-07 In J. Medina Cimarrones Unknown
2020-01-07 In M. Orozco Cimarrones Unknown
2020-01-07 In E. Bravo Atlante Unknown
2020-01-07 In O. Islas Pumas Unknown
2020-01-07 In J. Robles Pumas Unknown
2020-01-07 In H. Silveira Patronato Unknown
2020-01-07 In J. Betancourt Univ. Católica Unknown
2020-01-07 In D. Salazar Atlante Unknown
2020-01-07 In E. Vera Atlante Unknown
2022-05-06 In J. Meza Dorados Unknown
2021-12-06 In K. Escamilla Toluca Unknown
2021-07-06 In J. Ibarra Atlante Unknown
2021-07-06 In A. Sepúlveda Tijuana Unknown
2021-07-06 In A. Luna Atlante Unknown
2021-04-06 In A. Escoto Dorados Unknown
2021-03-06 In M. Rea Atlante Unknown
2021-03-06 In F. Rivera Atlante Unknown
2021-03-06 In Chico Atlante Unknown
2021-03-06 In K. Ramírez Atlante Unknown
2021-03-06 In F. Madrigal A San Luis Unknown
2021-03-06 In I. Zurita Atlante Unknown
2021-03-06 In F. Rasmussen Atlante Unknown
2021-03-06 In S. Sosa Atlante Unknown
2021-03-06 In N. Albarracín Atlante Unknown
2021-03-06 In D. Cervantes Celaya Unknown
2021-03-06 In J. Nava Dorados Unknown
2021-03-06 In A. Diego Atlante Unknown
2020-05-01 In A. Nava Tijuana Loan
2020-02-01 In I. Domínguez Pumas Loan
2020-02-01 In B. Figueroa Pumas Loan
2020-02-01 In J. Orejuela Fluminense Unknown
2020-01-01 In J. Perlaza Guayaquil City Unknown
2020-01-01 In J. Soto Austin Bold Unknown
2020-01-01 In J. Aguilar Dep. Santaní Unknown
2020-01-01 In M. Pérez Guadalajara Loan
2020-01-01 In Tiago Volpi São Paulo Unknown
2020-01-01 In J. Velázquez Tijuana Unknown
2020-01-01 In A. Nahuelpán Tijuana Loan

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