Oxin Alborz

Country: Iran

Oxin Alborz Stats

League Rank 7
Total Wins 3
Home Wins 2
Away Wins 1
Total Draws 3
Home Draws 1
Away Draws 2
Total Lost 3
Home Lost 1
Away Lost 2
Goals Scored 6
Goals Against 7
Clean Sheets 4
Av Goals Scored Per Game 0.67
Av Goals Against Per Game 0.78
Av 1st Goal Scored Time -
Av 1st Goal Against Time -

Oxin Alborz Stats, Results, & Fixtures

Recent Transfers By Oxin Alborz

Date Transfer Player Name Other Team Type
2018-04-07 Out M. Irannejad Sepidrood Unknown
2018-04-01 In R. Darvishi Gol Gohar Unknown

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