Den Haag

Den Haag fixtures stats results
Country: Netherlands
Stadium: Cars Jeans Stadion
Address: Haags Kwartier 55
Coach: A. Ranković

Den Haag Squad

L. Koopmans
R. Zwinkels
Y. Schoonderwaldt
M. van Ewijk
P. Bijen
B. Kemper
A. Rațiu
S. Pinas
J. Amofa
D. Rigo
J. Goossens
S. Bourard
K. de Boer
D. Bakker
S. Steijn
M. Rieder
I. Elmkies
Tsai Li-Ching
J. Arweiler
V. Besuijen
B. Ould-Chikh
E. Rottier
Y. Boussakou
M. Kramer
R. Kishna
A. Essabri
A. Ćatić

Den Haag Stats

League Rank 14
Total Wins 0
Home Wins 0
Away Wins 0
Total Draws 0
Home Draws 0
Away Draws 0
Total Lost 2
Home Lost 1
Away Lost 1
Goals Scored 0
Goals Against 3
Clean Sheets 0
Av Goals Scored Per Game 0
Av Goals Against Per Game 1.5
Av 1st Goal Scored Time -
Av 1st Goal Against Time 48m

Den Haag Stats, Results, & Fixtures

Recent Transfers By Den Haag

Date Transfer Player Name Other Team Type
2021-05-09 Out E. Hooi Muaither Unknown
2021-04-09 Out A. Meijers Sparta Loan
2020-11-09 Out E. Falkenburg Roda Unknown
2020-04-09 Out M. Havekotte MVV Unknown
2021-07-08 Out D. Malone NAC Free
2021-02-08 Out R. Polley Dordrecht Loan
2022-03-07 Out G. Thomas QPR Free
2020-01-07 Out K. van Mil Katwijk Swap
2020-01-07 Out L. van Kleef Eindhoven Loan
2020-01-07 Out L. Duijvestijn Helmond Free
2020-01-07 Out T. Goppel Roda Free
2020-01-07 Out C. Summerville Feyenoord Unknown
2020-01-07 Out S. Stubbs Middlesbrough Unknown
2020-01-07 Out T. Băluţă Brighton Unknown
2020-01-07 Out A. Bjelica Kielce Unknown
2020-01-07 Out O. Bogle Cardiff Unknown
2020-01-07 Out M. van Buren Slavia Unknown
2020-01-07 Out T. Haye NAC Free
2020-01-07 Out L. Koopmans PSV Unknown
2020-01-07 Out L. De Bock Leeds Unknown
2020-01-07 Out L. Immers NAC Unknown
2020-01-07 Out M. Duffy Fleetwood Unknown
2022-07-01 Out M. van Ewijk Cambuur Loan
2022-05-01 Out T. Haye NAC Loan
2021-04-01 Out R. Polley Dordrecht Loan
2020-02-01 Out M. Havekotte Dordrecht Loan
2021-06-09 In I. Elmkies Hoffenheim Loan
2021-04-09 In L. Faye Sparta Loan
2020-01-09 In R. Kishna Lazio Unknown
2022-07-08 In D. Rigo PSV Loan
2021-12-08 In Pascu Valencia II Free
2021-12-08 In J. Arweiler Utrecht Loan
2020-05-08 In A. Rațiu Villarreal Loan
2021-05-07 In B. Kemper Ajax Unknown
2020-01-07 In Tsai Li-Ching York9 Unknown
2020-01-07 In K. de Boer Swansea Free
2020-01-07 In H. Asmelash TOP Oss Unknown
2020-01-07 In A. Ćatić PSV Free
2020-01-07 In P. Bijen Twente Free
2020-01-07 In S. Bourard Eindhoven Unknown
2020-01-07 In L. Koopmans PSV Unknown
2020-05-05 In M. van Ewijk Cambuur Unknown
2020-05-05 In R. Polley Dordrecht Unknown
2020-05-05 In M. Havekotte Dordrecht Unknown
2022-07-01 In O. Bogle Cardiff Loan
2022-07-01 In M. Duffy Sheff Utd Loan
2021-10-01 In J. Spence Ipswich Unknown
2021-05-01 In T. Băluţă Brighton Loan
2021-01-01 In M. van Buren Slavia Loan
2021-01-01 In L. De Bock Leeds Loan

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