Carpi fixtures stats results
Country: Italy
Stadium: Stadio Sandro Cabassi
Address: Via Carlo Marx, 26
Coach: G. Riolfo

Carpi Squad

A. Rossini
T. Nobile
G. Celeste
N. Mascolo
S. Rossoni
D. Sarzi Puttini
E. Pezzi
F. Varoli
E. Pellegrini
M. Sabotic
A. Ligi
A. Maroni
M. Lomolino
G. Clemente
M. Boccaccini
I. Carta
S. Hraiech
D. Šarić
E. Jelenič
S. Maurizi
R. Grieco
L. Fofana
L. Simonetti
C. Carletti
D. van der Heijden
M. Vano
T. Biasci
D. Mastaj
G. Zerbo
V. Tommasone
M. Saporetti

Carpi Stats

League Rank 3
Total Wins 6
Home Wins 4
Away Wins 2
Total Draws 2
Home Draws 1
Away Draws 1
Total Lost 2
Home Lost 0
Away Lost 2
Goals Scored 16
Goals Against 10
Clean Sheets 3
Av Goals Scored Per Game 1.6
Av Goals Against Per Game 1
Av 1st Goal Scored Time 33m
Av 1st Goal Against Time 36m

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Carpi Stats, Results, & Fixtures

Recent Transfers By Carpi

Date Transfer Player Name Other Team Type
2019-02-09 Out A. Romairone Pro Vercelli Unknown
2019-02-09 Out A. Rolfini Fermana Loan
2020-09-08 Out A. Arrighini Alessandria Unknown
2020-01-08 Out R. Wilmots Bisceglie Free
2019-10-08 Out G. Piscitella Novara Unknown
2019-01-08 Out M. Venturi Fermana Loan
2019-01-08 Out B. Manè Fermana Loan
2019-01-08 Out M. Soragna Fermana Loan
2019-01-08 Out A. Petrucci Fermana Unknown
2020-05-07 Out D. Giorico Triestina Unknown
2020-01-07 Out L. Pasciuti Carrarese Free
2019-11-07 Out M. Barnofsky Gozzano Free
2019-11-07 Out T. Pachonik VVV Free
2019-11-07 Out S. Colombi Parma Unknown
2019-01-07 Out M. Coulibaly Udinese Unknown
2019-01-07 Out A. Buongiorno Torino Unknown
2019-01-07 Out G. Crociata Crotone Unknown
2019-01-07 Out M. Vitale SPAL Unknown
2019-01-07 Out G. Rolando Sampdoria Unknown
2019-01-07 Out M. N'Zola Trapani € 350K
2019-01-07 Out G. Di Noia Chievo Unknown
2019-01-07 Out R. Piscitelli Dinamo Free
2019-01-07 Out D. Marsura Livorno Free
2019-01-07 Out L. Rizzo Bologna Unknown
2019-01-07 Out M. Mustacchio Perugia Unknown
2019-01-07 Out K. Cissé Verona Unknown
2019-10-01 Out D. Giorico Virtus Verona Loan
2019-08-01 Out J. Mbakogu Calcio Padova Unknown
2019-02-09 In D. Mastaj Parma Loan
2019-02-09 In V. Tommasone Inter Loan
2019-02-09 In G. Clemente Fano Unknown
2019-02-09 In L. Simonetti Parma Loan
2019-02-09 In M. Boccaccini Rimini Unknown
2019-02-09 In G. Zerbo Fermana Loan
2020-10-08 In T. Biasci Carrarese Unknown
2020-01-08 In T. Nobile Pro Vercelli Loan
2019-02-08 In M. Sabotic AlbinoLeffe Free
2019-02-08 In E. Pellegrini Montebelluna Free
2019-02-08 In I. Carta Sangiustese Free
2019-01-08 In S. Rossoni Fermana Unknown
2019-01-08 In R. Grieco Fermana Loan
2021-07-07 In M. Lomolino Siena Unknown
2019-01-07 In L. Fofana Fermana Unknown
2019-01-07 In S. Maurizi Fermana Unknown
2019-01-07 In A. Rolfini Gozzano Unknown
2019-01-07 In D. van der Heijden Fermana Unknown
2019-01-07 In C. Carletti Gozzano Unknown
2019-01-07 In D. Sarzi Puttini Fermana Unknown
2019-01-07 In S. Hraiech Imolese Unknown
2019-01-07 In A. Ligi Spezia Unknown
2020-08-02 In G. Crociata Crotone Loan
2019-01-02 In M. Marcjanik Empoli Loan
2021-07-01 In L. Rizzo Bologna Loan
2021-07-01 In M. Mustacchio Perugia Loan
2021-07-01 In K. Cissé Verona Loan
2020-10-01 In M. Coulibaly Udinese Loan
2020-09-01 In G. Rolando Sampdoria Loan
2020-04-01 In D. Marsura Venezia Unknown
2020-03-01 In M. Vitale SPAL Loan
2019-08-01 In A. Krešić Atalanta Loan

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