England - Championship 2019

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Feb 16, 2019
Hull City Millwall H2H
Bristol City Birmingham H2H
Aston Villa 0‑2 West Brom H2H
Blackburn Rovers 0‑1 Middlesbrough H2H
Ipswich 1‑1 Stoke City H2H
Derby County Wigan Athletic H2H
Bolton Wanderers 0‑4 Norwich City H2H
Sheffield United 4‑0 Reading H2H
Rotherham 2‑2 Sheffield Wed H2H
Preston 0‑0 Nottingham H2H
Swansea City Brentford H2H
Queens Park Rangers Leeds H2H
Feb 13, 2019
Reading 2‑1 Blackburn Rovers H2H
Ipswich 1‑1 Derby County H2H
Bristol City 2‑1 Queens Park Rangers H2H
Wigan Athletic 0‑0 Stoke City H2H
Sheffield United 1‑0 Middlesbrough H2H
Leeds 2‑1 Swansea City H2H
Brentford 1‑0 Aston Villa H2H
Preston 3‑1 Norwich City H2H
Feb 12, 2019
West Brom 2‑2 Nottingham H2H
Birmingham 0‑1 Bolton Wanderers H2H
Hull City 2‑2 Rotherham H2H
Millwall 0‑0 Sheffield Wed H2H
Feb 10, 2019
Norwich City 3‑0 Ipswich H2H
Feb 9, 2019
Bolton Wanderers 1‑2 Preston H2H
Stoke City 0‑1 West Brom H2H
Aston Villa 3‑3 Sheffield United H2H
Swansea City 1‑0 Millwall H2H
Sheffield Wed 0‑0 Reading H2H
Rotherham 1‑1 Wigan Athletic H2H
Queens Park Rangers 3‑4 Birmingham H2H
Nottingham 2‑1 Brentford H2H
Middlesbrough 1‑1 Leeds H2H
Derby County 2‑0 Hull City H2H
Blackburn Rovers 0‑1 Bristol City H2H
Feb 2, 2019
Bristol City 2‑0 Swansea City H2H
Birmingham 2‑0 Nottingham H2H
Brentford 5‑2 Blackburn Rovers H2H
Preston 0‑0 Derby County H2H
Hull City 2‑0 Stoke City H2H
Ipswich 0‑1 Sheffield Wed H2H
Leeds 1‑3 Norwich City H2H
Millwall 0‑0 Rotherham H2H
Reading 0‑0 Aston Villa H2H
Sheffield United 2‑0 Bolton Wanderers H2H
West Brom 2‑3 Middlesbrough H2H
Wigan Athletic 2‑1 Queens Park Rangers H2H
Jan 26, 2019
Rotherham 1‑2 Leeds H2H
Swansea City 3‑3 Birmingham H2H
Sheffield Wed Brentford H2H
Queens Park Rangers West Brom H2H
Aston Villa 2‑1 Ipswich H2H
Blackburn Rovers 3‑0 Hull City H2H
Bolton Wanderers 1‑1 Reading H2H
Derby County Millwall H2H
Middlesbrough Bristol City H2H
Norwich City 2‑2 Sheffield United H2H
Nottingham 3‑1 Wigan Athletic H2H
Stoke City 0‑2 Preston H2H
Jan 19, 2019
Bolton Wanderers 0‑2 West Brom H2H
Swansea City 1‑0 Sheffield United H2H
Stoke City 2‑1 Leeds H2H
Sheffield Wed 1‑0 Wigan Athletic H2H
Rotherham 2‑4 Brentford H2H
Queens Park Rangers 1‑4 Preston H2H
Nottingham 0‑1 Bristol City H2H
Middlesbrough 1‑1 Millwall H2H
Derby County 2‑1 Reading H2H
Blackburn Rovers 2‑0 Ipswich H2H
Norwich City 3‑1 Birmingham H2H
Aston Villa 2‑2 Hull City H2H
Jan 12, 2019
West Brom 1‑1 Norwich City H2H
Birmingham 1‑2 Middlesbrough H2H
Ipswich 1‑0 Rotherham H2H
Leeds 2‑0 Derby County H2H
Millwall 0‑2 Blackburn Rovers H2H
Preston 1‑1 Swansea City H2H
Reading 2‑0 Nottingham H2H
Sheffield United 1‑0 Queens Park Rangers H2H
Brentford 3‑1 Stoke City H2H
Bristol City 2‑1 Bolton Wanderers H2H
Hull City 3‑0 Sheffield Wed H2H
Wigan Athletic 3‑0 Aston Villa H2H
Jan 1, 2019
Sheffield Wed 1‑1 Birmingham H2H
Wigan Athletic 0‑3 Sheffield United H2H
Stoke City 0‑2 Bristol City H2H
Aston Villa 2‑2 Queens Park Rangers H2H
Blackburn Rovers 2‑1 West Brom H2H
Brentford 1‑1 Norwich City H2H
Derby County 1‑1 Middlesbrough H2H
Hull City 6‑0 Bolton Wanderers H2H
Ipswich 2‑3 Millwall H2H
Reading 1‑4 Swansea City H2H
Rotherham 2‑1 Preston H2H
Nottingham 4‑2 Leeds H2H

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