Schaffhausen h2h stats


Chiasso h2h stats

Country: Switzerland
Stadium: LIPO Park Schaffhausen
Address: Industriestrasse
Coach: M. Yakin
Country: Switzerland
Stadium: Stadio Comunale di Chiasso
Address: Via I Agosto
Coach: A. Lupi


Schaffhausen Squad

A. Saipi
C. Heim
L. Đorđević
J. Krasniqi
S. Gönitzer
J. Kronig
N. Mevlja
S. Muller
S. Belometti
S. Delli Carri
A. Qollaku
S. Vitija
L. Tranquilli
I. Bunjaku
B. Lika
D. Del Toro
A. Coulibaly
U. Bislimi
M. Bajrami
J. Rether
K. Barry
G. Missi Mezu
A. Nikci
G. Cooper
H. Sessolo
Zé Turbo
E. Dindamba
A. Casciato

Chiasso Squad

A. Guarnone
A. Bellante
J. D'Ippolito
L. Jacot
B. Conus
K. Hajrizi
I. Lurati
B. Martignoni
G. Gamarra
K. Ibderdamaj
H. Epitaux
M. Hadzi
R. Huser
S. Bahloul
A. Antunes
E. Berzati
F. Dixon
S. Malinowski
N. Blasucci
S. Wolf
A. Padula
V. Pugliese
S. Čyžas
S. Doldur
R. Pollero
K. Rossi
L. Kryeziu
Mickael Almeida
Y. Bnou Marzouk
I. Facchin

Domestic League Stats For Schaffhausen v Chiasso

Schaffhausen vs Chiasso Head-to-Head

Date Comp Home Score Away Stats
2020-12-22 Challenge League Chiasso 0-2 Schaffhausen
2020-09-19 Challenge League Schaffhausen 5-2 Chiasso
2020-07-04 Challenge League Chiasso 1-1 Schaffhausen
2020-06-22 Challenge League Schaffhausen Chiasso
2019-10-05 Challenge League Chiasso 0-1 Schaffhausen
2019-08-31 Challenge League Schaffhausen 1-0 Chiasso
2019-04-06 Challenge League Chiasso 2-2 Schaffhausen
2019-02-02 Challenge League Schaffhausen 0-2 Chiasso
2018-11-10 Challenge League Schaffhausen 3-2 Chiasso
2018-08-10 Challenge League Chiasso 2-1 Schaffhausen
2018-05-06 Challenge League Chiasso 2-0 Schaffhausen
2018-03-03 Challenge League Schaffhausen 2-1 Chiasso
2017-10-21 Challenge League Chiasso 2-1 Schaffhausen
2017-08-05 Challenge League Schaffhausen 2-0 Chiasso
2017-05-15 Challenge League Chiasso 0-6 Schaffhausen
2017-04-08 Challenge League Schaffhausen 5-0 Chiasso
2016-12-04 Challenge League Schaffhausen 1-2 Chiasso
2016-07-31 Challenge League Chiasso 2-3 Schaffhausen
2016-04-24 Challenge League Chiasso 1-1 Schaffhausen
2016-04-03 Challenge League Schaffhausen 3-1 Chiasso
2015-11-02 Challenge League Schaffhausen 2-0 Chiasso
2015-07-26 Challenge League Chiasso 3-0 Schaffhausen
2015-05-25 Challenge League Chiasso 0-0 Schaffhausen
2015-02-25 Challenge League Schaffhausen 3-1 Chiasso
2014-10-18 Challenge League Schaffhausen 4-0 Chiasso
2014-09-13 Challenge League Chiasso 1-3 Schaffhausen
2014-04-26 Challenge League Chiasso 2-0 Schaffhausen
2014-02-22 Challenge League Schaffhausen 2-1 Chiasso
2013-11-30 Challenge League Schaffhausen 1-0 Chiasso
2013-08-03 Challenge League Chiasso 1-2 Schaffhausen

Recent Transfers By Schaffhausen

Transfer Player Name Other Team Type
Out V. Pugliese Chiasso Free
Out R. Zbinden Freiburg II Free
Out G. Jozinović Varaždin Unknown
Out J. Mendy Boulogne Unknown
Out A. Gonçalves Linth Unknown
In J. Krasniqi Lugano Unknown
In M. Bajrami Grasshopper Free
In S. Vitija Grasshopper Free
In A. Coulibaly Calahorra Free
In C. Heim Zürich Free
In Zé Turbo Nacional Free
In J. Kronig Young Boys Loan
In G. Missi Mezu Arsenal Kyiv Unknown
In G. Cooper Espinho Unknown
In S. Gönitzer St. Gallen Loan
In S. Belometti Chiasso Unknown
In G. Morandi Grasshopper Loan
In C. Heim Zürich Loan
In T. Çiçek Xamax Loan

Recent Transfers By Chiasso

Transfer Player Name Other Team Type
Out D. Šturm Bilje Unknown
Out A. Muci Lugano Unknown
Out M. El Hilali Gubbio Unknown
Out D. Brivio Chievo Free
Out C. Manicone Lugano Unknown
Out S. Guidotti Lugano Unknown
Out S. Belometti FC Schaffh Unknown
Out Adonis Ajeti St. Gallen Unknown
Out N. Milinceanu Vaduz Unknown
Out M. Monighetti Bellinzona Loan
Out M. Malvino Def. Sporting Unknown
Out Z. Josipovic Beroe Free
Out J. Ardaiz Whitecaps Loan
Out A. Kabacalman Rapperswil Unknown
Out Patrick Carvalho Fluminense Unknown
In L. Jacot Luzern Loan
In Y. Bnou Marzouk Lugano Unknown
In A. Antunes Servette Loan
In N. Blasucci Sion Unknown
In L. Kryeziu Lugano Loan
In V. Pugliese FC Schaffh Free
In J. D'Ippolito Como Free
In M. Hadzi Rapperswil Unknown
In Mickael Almeida Sion Unknown
In A. Muci Lugano Loan
In H. Epitaux Sion Unknown
In S. Wolf Luzern Loan
In E. Berzati Bellinzona Loan
In G. Gamarra Senglea Unknown
In F. Dixon Zürich Unknown
In S. Čyžas Riteriai Free
In K. Rossi Telstar Unknown
In R. Huser Basel Unknown
In C. Manicone Lugano Loan
In M. Malvino Municipal Free
In N. Milosavljevic Sion Loan
In R. Pollero Peñarol Free
In J. Ardaiz Frosinone Unknown

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