Londrina h2h stats


Rio Branco PR h2h stats

Country: Brazil
Stadium: Estádio Municipal Jacy Scaff
Address: Avenida Henrique Mansano
Coach: Silvinho Canuto
Country: Brazil
Stadium: Complexo Poliespotivo Fernando Scharbub Farah
Address: Rua João Estevão, Bairro Aterro do Mercado
Coach: Ednélson


Londrina Squad

Willian Correia
David Pastor
Zé Pedro
Augusto Silva
Raí Ramos
Victor Luiz
Lucas Costa
T. Ruiz Díaz
Felipe Camillo
Rafael Assis
Matheus Bianqui
Pedro Cacho
Victor Daniel
Matheus Olavo
Igor Miranda
Julio Rusch
Anderson Sousa
Gabriel Barbosa
Igor Paixão
Thiago Henrique
Junior Pirambu

Domestic League Stats For Londrina v Rio Branco PR

Londrina vs Rio Branco PR Head-to-Head

Date Comp Home Score Away Stats
2020-02-22 Paranaense 1 Londrina 1-1 Rio Branco PR
2019-01-30 Paranaense 1 Londrina 2-1 Rio Branco PR
2018-03-22 Paranaense 1 Londrina 4-1 Rio Branco PR
2017-04-12 Paranaense 1 Londrina 3-0 Rio Branco PR
2017-04-09 Paranaense 1 Rio Branco PR 0-1 Londrina
2016-02-20 Paranaense 1 Rio Branco PR 2-1 Londrina
2015-02-22 Paranaense 1 Rio Branco PR 0-0 Londrina
2014-01-19 Paranaense 1 Londrina 0-1 Rio Branco PR
2013-03-13 Paranaense 1 Londrina 1-0 Rio Branco PR
2013-01-24 Paranaense 1 Rio Branco PR 0-6 Londrina
2012-04-29 Paranaense 1 Rio Branco PR 1-0 Londrina
2012-02-26 Paranaense 1 Londrina 2-1 Rio Branco PR
2009-02-04 Paranaense 1 Londrina 0-0 Rio Branco PR
2008-02-02 Paranaense 1 Londrina 2-1 Rio Branco PR
2007-03-03 Paranaense 1 Londrina 4-2 Rio Branco PR
2006-03-18 Paranaense 1 Rio Branco PR 2-1 Londrina
2006-03-10 Paranaense 1 Londrina 1-1 Rio Branco PR

Recent Transfers By Londrina

Transfer Player Name Other Team Type
Out Emerson DPMM Free
Out Paulinho Moccelin Chapecoense Loan
Out Breno Club Africain Unknown
Out Anderson Leite Chapecoense Loan
Out Luccas Ríver Free
Out Silvio São Luiz Free
Out Dirceu Vilafranquense Unknown
Out Maicon Volta Redonda Free
Out Felipe Portimonense Unknown
Out Alisson Safira Ponte Preta Loan
Out César Coritiba Loan
Out Luidy Corinthians Unknown
Out Lucas Ramon Coritiba Loan
Out Caculé Cuiabá Free
Out Juninho Blooming Unknown
In Devid Foz Iguaçu Unknown
In Paulinho Moccelin Chapecoense Unknown
In Ruster Portimonense Loan
In Rafael Assis Braga Loan
In Mosquito Sinop Free
In Carlos Henrique Juventude Unknown
In Lincon Palmeiras Loan
In Anderson Sousa Coritiba Unknown
In Marcelinho Marítimo Loan
In Igor Paixão Coritiba Loan
In Gabriel Barbosa Palmeiras Loan
In Thiago Henrique Brusque Unknown
In Julio Rusch Coritiba Loan
In Alisson Safira CSA Unknown
In Wellisson Inter Limeira Unknown
In Matheus Olavo Sereď Unknown
In Hélder Brasil Pelotas Unknown

Recent Transfers By Rio Branco PR

Transfer Player Name Other Team Type
Out Kennidy Paraná Unknown
Out Gustavo XV de Jaú Free
Out Erwin Maringá Free
Out L. Salazar ASA Free
Out Paulinho Paraná Unknown
Out Warley Paraná Unknown
Out Gleydson Andraus Brasil Unknown
Out Anderson Sousa Coritiba Unknown
Out Índio Coritiba Unknown
Out Valber Andraus Brasil Unknown
Out Ravel Pelegrini Andraus Brasil Unknown
Out Jackson Andraus Brasil Unknown
Out Alexsandro Andraus Brasil Unknown
Out João Guilherme Independiente Unknown
Out Paulo Marques Apucarana Free
Out Willyan Sotto Independiente Unknown
Out João Antônio Independiente Unknown
Out Lucas Marques Independiente Unknown
Out Lucy Independiente Unknown
In Ruan Andraus Brasil Loan
In Kennidy Paraná Loan
In Rodrigo Carajás Unknown
In Wellissol Chapecoense Loan
In Willyan Sotto Independiente Loan
In Warley Paraná Loan
In Paulinho Paraná Loan
In Lucas Marques Independiente Loan
In Lucy Independiente Loan
In L. Salazar Batatais Free
In João Antônio Independiente Loan
In Gleydson Alecrim Unknown
In Valber Andraus Brasil Loan
In Jackson Andraus Brasil Loan
In Alexsandro Andraus Brasil Loan
In Guilherme Paraná Loan
In Anderson Sousa Coritiba Loan
In Gustavo Ferroviária Loan
In Índio Coritiba Loan
In Ravel Pelegrini Andraus Brasil Loan
In Diego Borges GRECAL Free

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