Kriens h2h stats


Wil h2h stats

Country: Switzerland
Stadium: Stadion Kleinfeld
Address: Horwerstrasse 47
Coach: B. Berner
Country: Switzerland
Stadium: IGP Arena
Address: Bergholzstrasse
Coach: C. Sforza


Kriens Squad

P. Brügger
F. Zizzi
S. Osigwe
E. Alessandrini
D. Fanger
M. Fäh
L. Berisha
N. Mijatovic
M. Urtic
J. Elvedi
A. Bürgisser
M. Wiget
O. Dzonlagic
B. Kukeli
D. Follonier
B. Yesilçayir
D. Ulrich
N. Siegrist
D. Costa
P. Teixeira
A. Sadrijaj
R. Hoxha
I. Tadic

Wil Squad

Z. Kostadinović
G. Tolino
Y. Klein
L. Traber
L. Kamberi
J. Schmied
S. Schäppi
J. Wörnhard
K. Ndau
N. von Niederhäusern
I. Beka
F. Rahimi
M. Brahimi
K. Duah
A. Sejdija
E. Abedini
V. Fazliu
F. Rohner
P. Muntwiler
D. Schmid
B. Krasniqi
A. Ismaili
R. Bosić
F. Stojilkovic
M. Celant

Domestic League Stats For Kriens v Wil

Kriens vs Wil Head-to-Head

Date Comp Home Score Away Stats
2021-09-03 Challenge League Kriens 0-2 Wil
2021-04-24 Challenge League Kriens 2-2 Wil
2021-03-20 Challenge League Wil 0-2 Kriens
2021-01-29 Challenge League Kriens 1-2 Wil
2020-10-16 Challenge League Wil 0-1 Kriens
2020-07-04 Challenge League Wil 2-0 Kriens
2020-02-08 Challenge League Kriens 2-0 Wil
2019-12-07 Challenge League Kriens 2-1 Wil
2019-08-24 Challenge League Wil 2-0 Kriens
2019-05-11 Challenge League Kriens 1-2 Wil
2019-03-30 Challenge League Wil 0-1 Kriens
2018-11-04 Challenge League Wil 1-1 Kriens
2018-08-26 Challenge League Kriens 1-1 Wil
2012-02-26 Challenge League Kriens 1-4 Wil
2011-08-06 Challenge League Wil 1-1 Kriens

Recent Transfers By Kriens

Transfer Player Name Other Team Type
Out N. Sukacev Grasshopper Unknown
Out S. Enzler Luzern Unknown
Out Saleh Chihadeh Thun Free
In P. Teixeira Young Boys Loan
In D. Follonier Luzern Loan
In R. Hoxha Wil Unknown
In B. Yesilçayir Bellinzona Free
In O. Dzonlagic Thun Unknown
In Asumah MVV Unknown
In E. Alessandrini Young Boys Loan
In D. Ulrich Luzern Free
In I. Tadic Vaduz Free
In B. Kukeli Sion Free
In N. Sukacev Grasshopper Loan
In O. Dzonlagic Thun Loan

Recent Transfers By Wil

Transfer Player Name Other Team Type
Out I. Audino Bellinzona Free
Out S. Cortelezzi Bellinzona Free
Out N. Herter Rapperswil Unknown
Out R. Hoxha Kriens Unknown
Out M. Eugster Altstätten Unknown
Out G. Chande Vaduz Unknown
Out K. Herrmann Freiburg II Unknown
Out K. Herrmann Freiburg Unknown
Out N. Havenaar Thun Unknown
Out M. Goncalves Servette Free
Out M. Muslin Wohlen Free
Out C. Gasser St. Gallen Unknown
Out F. Sadiku Rielasingen Unknown
In V. Fazliu Lugano Free
In F. Rohner Zürich Loan
In L. Kamberi Zürich Loan
In E. Abedini Lugano Unknown
In G. Tolino St. Gallen Free
In Gabriel Juventus Unknown
In B. Krasniqi Zürich Loan
In K. Duah Young Boys Unknown
In P. Muntwiler Vaduz Unknown
In D. Schmid Basel Loan

Kriens vs Wil Head to head record, stats & results. Check out the recent form of Kriens and Wil. We hope to have live streaming links of all football matches soon.

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