Dusseldorf h2h stats


Dortmund h2h stats

Country: Germany
Stadium: Merkur Spiel-Arena
Address: Arena-Str. 1
Coach: U. Rösler
Country: Germany
Stadium: Signal-Iduna-Park
Address: Strobelalle 50
Coach: L. Favre


Dusseldorf Squad

R. Wolf
D. Gorka
F. Kastenmeier
A. Hoffmann
K. Danso
F. Hartherz
A. Bodzek
G. Gül
J. Siebert
M. Stöcker
A. Morales
J. Piotrowski
K. Ofori
E. Prib
T. Pledl
S. Appelkamp
M. Zimmermann
N. Ampomah
M. Sobottka
N. Touglo
J. Zimmer
D. Kownacki
K. Karaman
E. Iyoha
B. Borello
R. Hennings

Dortmund Squad

R. Bürki
L. Unbehaun
M. Hitz
S. Drljača
Mateu Morey
D. Zagadou
Raphaël Guerreiro
N. Schulz
M. Hummels
M. Akanji
Ł. Piszczek
M. Schmelzer
T. Delaney
J. Sancho
M. Dahoud
T. Hazard
J. Brandt
J. Bellingham
E. Can
T. Meunier
M. Wolf
A. Witsel
F. Passlack
G. Reyna
T. Raschl
E. Håland
M. Reus
Y. Moukoko

Domestic League Stats For Dusseldorf v Dortmund

League Rank
Goals Scored
Av Goals Scored Per Game
Av 1st Goal Scored Time
Goals Scored 30-45' Mins
Goals Scored 45-60' Mins
Goals Scored 75-90' Mins

Dusseldorf vs Dortmund Head-to-Head

Date Comp Home Score Away Stats
2020-06-13 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 0-1 Dortmund
2019-12-07 Bundesliga Dortmund 5-0 Dusseldorf
2019-05-11 Bundesliga Dortmund 3-2 Dusseldorf
2019-01-07 Club Friendlies Dortmund 3-2 Dusseldorf
2018-12-18 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 2-1 Dortmund
2018-01-06 Club Friendlies Dusseldorf 0-2 Dortmund
2013-04-27 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 1-2 Dortmund
2012-11-27 Bundesliga Dortmund 1-1 Dusseldorf
2011-12-20 DFB Pokal Dusseldorf Dortmund
1997-02-20 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 2-0 Dortmund
1996-08-20 Bundesliga Dortmund 4-0 Dusseldorf
1996-04-19 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 1-2 Dortmund
1995-11-03 Bundesliga Dortmund 3-0 Dusseldorf
1992-02-07 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 1-1 Dortmund
1991-08-19 Bundesliga Dortmund 3-1 Dusseldorf
1991-03-15 Bundesliga Dortmund 1-1 Dusseldorf
1990-09-01 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 0-0 Dortmund
1989-12-14 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 1-1 Dortmund
1989-08-15 Bundesliga Dortmund 1-0 Dusseldorf
1987-04-23 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 0-4 Dortmund
1986-10-02 Bundesliga Dortmund 4-1 Dusseldorf
1986-02-07 Bundesliga Dortmund 1-2 Dusseldorf
1985-09-03 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 4-2 Dortmund
1985-05-03 Bundesliga Dortmund 1-2 Dusseldorf
1984-11-08 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 0-0 Dortmund
1984-03-16 Bundesliga Dortmund 6-0 Dusseldorf
1983-09-22 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 7-0 Dortmund
1983-03-24 Bundesliga Dortmund 1-2 Dusseldorf
1982-10-08 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 2-3 Dortmund
1982-04-22 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 0-0 Dortmund
1981-10-29 Bundesliga Dortmund 4-2 Dusseldorf
1981-02-13 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 2-2 Dortmund
1980-09-01 Bundesliga Dortmund 2-1 Dusseldorf
1980-03-07 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 2-1 Dortmund
1979-09-21 Bundesliga Dortmund 5-3 Dusseldorf
1979-04-17 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 3-1 Dortmund
1978-10-27 Bundesliga Dortmund 3-0 Dusseldorf
1978-02-10 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 1-0 Dortmund
1977-09-16 Bundesliga Dortmund 1-2 Dusseldorf
1977-04-14 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 3-2 Dortmund
1976-11-11 Bundesliga Dortmund 1-2 Dusseldorf
1972-03-10 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 4-1 Dortmund
1971-09-17 Bundesliga Dortmund 1-0 Dusseldorf
1967-01-06 Bundesliga Dusseldorf 0-5 Dortmund
1966-08-19 Bundesliga Dortmund 1-2 Dusseldorf

Recent Transfers By Dusseldorf

Transfer Player Name Other Team Type
Out K. Ayhan Sassuolo € 2.5M
Out M. Suttner Austria Free
Out R. Bormuth Karlsruhe Unknown
Out N. Gießelmann Union Berlin Free
Out M. Okoye Sparta Free
Out A. Barkok Frankfurt Unknown
Out K. Nuhu Hoffenheim Unknown
Out Z. Steffen Man City Unknown
Out E. Thommy Stuttgart Unknown
Out S. Skrzybski Schalke 04 Unknown
Out D. Contento Sandhausen Free
Out M. Jørgensen Fenerbahçe Unknown
Out T. Duman Dortmund Unknown
Out L. Baker Chelsea Unknown
Out D. Lovren Slaven Loan
In E. Prib Hannover Free
In B. Borello Freiburg Loan
In K. Danso Augsburg Loan
In F. Hartherz Bielefeld Free
In J. Piotrowski Genk € 500K
In G. Gül Wiesbaden Unknown
In E. Iyoha Holstein Unknown
In M. Jørgensen Fenerbahçe Loan
In V. Berisha Lazio Loan
In J. Theißen Erfurt Unknown
In S. Skrzybski Schalke 04 Loan
In D. Kownacki Sampdoria € 7.5M

Recent Transfers By Dortmund

Transfer Player Name Other Team Type
Out M. Pherai Zwolle Loan
Out E. Terzi Leixões Free
Out M. Rente Heracles Free
Out L. Balerdi Marseille Loan
Out J. Hupe Bonn Free
Out Ö. Toprak Bremen € 3.5M
Out J. Bruun Larsen Hoffenheim € 9M
Out Paco Alcácer Villarreal € 23M
Out T. Matthews Varberg Unknown
Out J. Weigl Benfica € 20M
In Reinier Real Madrid Loan
In J. Bellingham Birmingham € 23M
In F. Passlack Fortuna Unknown
In M. Wolf Hertha BSC Unknown
In E. Can Juventus € 25M
In T. Duman Düsseldorf Unknown
In E. Can Juventus Loan
In M. Rente Erndtebrück Unknown
In E. Håland Salzburg € 20M

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