Cagliari h2h stats


Atalanta h2h stats

Country: Italy
Stadium: Sardegna Arena
Address: Via Raimondo Carta Raspi
Coach: R. Maran
Country: Italy
Stadium: Stadio Atleti Azzurri d'Italia
Address: Viale Caio Giulio Cesare, 18
Coach: G. Gasperini

Serie A

2019-02-04 19:30:00

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Cagliari Squad

S. Aresti
A. Cragno
R. Daga
M. Andreolli
L. Ceppitelli
R. Klavan
N. Lella
C. Lykogiannis
F. Pisacane
F. Romagna
D. Srna
N. Barella
F. Bradarić
L. Cigarini
D. Dessena
João Pedro
P. Faragò
A. Ioniţă
R. Ladinetti
L. Castro
S. Padoin
M. Pajač
A. Cerri
Diego Farias
R. Doratiotto
L. Pavoletti
M. Sau
F. Verde

Atalanta Squad

E. Berisha
P. Gollini
F. Rossi
Ali Adnan
D. Bettella
T. Castagne
B. Djimsiti
R. Gosens
H. Hateboer
G. Mancini
A. Masiello
J. Palomino
Rafael Tolói
M. de Roon
R. Freuler
A. Gómez
J. Iličić
D. Kulusevski
M. Pašalić
M. Pessina
A. Reca
E. Rigoni
L. Valzania
M. Barrow
M. Tumminello
D. Zapata

Domestic League Stats For Cagliari v Atalanta

League Rank
Total Wins
Home Wins
Away Wins
Total Draws
Home Draws
Away Draws
Total Lost
Home Lost
Away Lost
Goals Scored
Goals Scored Home
Goals Scored Away
Goals Against
Goals Against Home
Goals Against Away
Clean Sheets
Clean Sheets Home
Av Goals Scored Per Game
Av Goals Scored Per Game Home
Av Goals Scored Per Game Away
Av Goals Against Per Game
Av Goals Against Per Game Home
Av Goals Against Per Game Away
Av 1st Goal Scored Time
Av 1st Goal Scored Time Home
Av 1st Goal Scored Time Away
Av 1st Goal Against Time
Av 1st Goal Against Time Home
Av 1st Goal Against Time Away
Goals Scored 0-15' Mins
Goals Scored 15-30' Mins
Goals Scored 30-45' Mins
Goals Scored 45-60' Mins
Goals Scored 60-75' Mins
Goals Scored 75-90' Mins

Cagliari vs Atalanta Head-to-Head

Date Comp Home Score Away Stats
2019-02-04 Serie A Cagliari Atalanta
2019-01-14 Coppa Italia Cagliari 0-2 Atalanta
2018-09-02 Serie A Atalanta 0-1 Cagliari
2018-05-20 Serie A Cagliari 1-0 Atalanta
2017-12-30 Serie A Atalanta 1-2 Cagliari
2017-02-05 Serie A Atalanta 2-0 Cagliari
2016-09-18 Serie A Cagliari 3-0 Atalanta
2015-02-01 Serie A Atalanta 2-1 Cagliari
2014-09-14 Serie A Cagliari 1-2 Atalanta
2014-01-19 Serie A Atalanta 1-0 Cagliari
2013-08-25 Serie A Cagliari 2-1 Atalanta
2013-01-20 Serie A Atalanta 1-1 Cagliari
2012-09-02 Serie A Cagliari 1-1 Atalanta
2012-04-01 Serie A Cagliari 2-0 Atalanta
2011-11-06 Serie A Atalanta 1-0 Cagliari
2010-03-24 Serie A Atalanta 3-1 Cagliari
2009-11-01 Serie A Cagliari 3-0 Atalanta
2009-02-08 Serie A Cagliari 0-1 Atalanta
2008-09-24 Serie A Atalanta 1-0 Cagliari
2008-03-19 Serie A Cagliari 1-0 Atalanta
2007-10-31 Serie A Atalanta 2-2 Cagliari
2007-03-04 Serie A Cagliari 2-0 Atalanta
2006-10-25 Serie A Atalanta 3-3 Cagliari
2005-02-26 Serie A Cagliari 3-3 Atalanta
2004-10-22 Serie A Atalanta 2-2 Cagliari
2004-02-28 Serie B Cagliari 5-1 Atalanta
2003-09-26 Serie B Atalanta 2-1 Cagliari
1997-01-25 Serie A Atalanta 4-1 Cagliari
1996-09-07 Serie A Cagliari 2-0 Atalanta
1996-04-13 Serie A Atalanta 3-0 Cagliari
1995-12-09 Serie A Cagliari 2-0 Atalanta
1994-01-08 Serie A Cagliari 1-1 Atalanta
1993-08-28 Serie A Atalanta 5-2 Cagliari

Recent Transfers By Cagliari

Transfer Player Name Other Team Type
Out A. Deiola Parma Loan
Out J. Vergara Olbia Loan
Out M. Capuano Frosinone Unknown
Out F. Caligara Olbia Loan
Out S. Colombatto Verona Loan
Out Han Kwang-Song Perugia Loan
Out N. Giannetti Livorno Loan
Out M. Pitzalis Olbia Loan
Out N. Pennington Olbia Unknown
Out L. Crosta Olbia Loan
Out F. Melchiorri Perugia Unknown
Out J. Tetteh Olbia Unknown
Out D. Ceter Olbia Loan
Out L. Krajnc Frosinone 1M €
Out B. Salamon SPAL 2M €
Out Leandro Castán Roma Unknown
Out D. Ragatzu Olbia Loan
Out S. Miangue Standard Loan
Out G. van der Wiel Toronto Unknown
Out D. Ragatzu Olbia Loan
Out V. Ibarbo Sagan Unknown
Out M. Capuano Crotone Loan
Out F. Melchiorri Carpi Loan
In R. Klavan Liverpool 1.3M €
In J. Vergara Milan Unknown
In N. Lella Bari 1908 Unknown
In F. Bradarić Rijeka Unknown
In A. Cerri Juventus Loan
In S. Colombatto Perugia Unknown
In R. Maran Chievo Unknown
In M. Pajač Perugia Unknown
In M. Capuano Crotone Unknown
In F. Melchiorri Carpi Unknown
In L. Pavoletti Napoli 12M €
In L. Castro Chievo 6.5M €
In S. Aresti Olbia Free
In D. Srna Shakhtar D Free
In F. Caligara Juventus Unknown
In Han Kwang-Song Perugia Unknown
In D. Ragatzu Olbia Unknown
In D. Ceter Quindío 3.2M €
In C. Lykogiannis Sturm 500K €
In Leandro Castán Roma Loan

Recent Transfers By Atalanta

Transfer Player Name Other Team Type
Out G. Marilungo Ternana Free
Out A. Cornelius Bordeaux Unknown
Out S. Mazzini Carrarese Loan
Out A. Mallamo Novara Loan
Out G. Lunetta Erminio Loan
Out N. Fazzi Livorno Loan
Out L. Milesi Pro Vercelli Unknown
Out M. D'Alessandro Udinese Loan
Out F. Melegoni Pescara Loan
Out S. Molina Crotone Unknown
Out A. Bastoni Parma Loan
Out T. Bolis Triestina Loan
Out G. Parigi Paganese Loan
Out E. Suagher Carpi Loan
Out P. Asmah Senica Loan
Out P. Louka Palermo Loan
Out V. Nava Pro Piacenza Unknown
Out S. Elia Juve Stabia Loan
Out B. Radunović Cremonese Loan
Out M. Pugliese Carrarese Loan
Out L. Vido Perugia Loan
Out N. Haas Palermo Loan
Out A. Redolfi Reggina Free
Out B. Cabezas Fluminense Loan
Out S. Emmanuello Juventus II Unknown
Out A. Dossena Pistoiese Loan
Out M. Carraro Foggia Loan
Out M. Salvi SPAL Loan
Out R. Ranieri Teramo Loan
Out T. Tentoni Alessandria Loan
Out F. Mattiello Bologna Unknown
Out M. Canini FeralpiSalò Free
Out M. Vidovšek Reggina Loan
Out A. Petagna SPAL Unknown
Out L. Spinazzola Juventus Unknown
Out N. La Vigna Pontedera Loan
Out F. Eguelfi Verona Loan
Out G. Monachello Pescara Loan
Out A. Santopadre Paganese Loan
Out S. Mazzocchi Südtirol Loan
Out D. Merelli Calcio Padova Unknown
Out A. Palma Erminio Free
Out D. Agazzi Livorno Loan
Out A. Eleuteri Ravenna Loan
Out D. Mangni Monopoli Unknown
Out R. Gatti Monopoli Loan
Out L. Migliorelli Venezia Loan
Out M. Badjie Rimini Loan
Out S. Marchetti Rimini Loan
Out S. Cason V. Francavilla Unknown
Out I. Alimi Rimini Loan
Out A. Alari Carrarese Loan
Out E. Latte Lath Pistoiese Loan
Out M. Messina Viterbese Free
Out João Schmidt Rio Ave Loan
Out M. Sportiello Frosinone Loan
Out A. Boffelli Pro Patria Loan
Out C. Mora Pro Patria Loan
Out B. Cristante Roma Loan
Out E. Zambataro Calcio Padova Loan
Out A. Turrin V. Francavilla Loan
Out M. Caldara Juventus Unknown
Out R. Gagliardini Inter 20M €
Out A. Kecskés Lugano Unknown
Out A. Almici Verona Loan
Out G. De Luca Virtus Unknown
Out J. Kurtič SPAL 4.8M €
Out A. Paloschi SPAL 4M €
Out A. Dossena Siena Loan
Out D. Mangni Monopoli Loan
Out B. Cabezas Avellino Loan
Out F. Mattiello SPAL Loan
Out G. Parigi V. Francavilla Loan
Out S. Mazzini Pordenone Loan
Out A. Eleuteri Monopoli Loan
Out M. Badjie Catanzaro Loan
Out L. Vido Cittadella Loan
Out G. Monachello Ascoli Loan
Out B. Dramé SPAL Unknown
Out S. Emmanuello Cesena Loan
Out E. Suagher Cesena Loan
Out J. Kurtič SPAL Loan
Out M. Vidovšek Pescara Loan
In E. Rigoni Zenit Loan
In Ali Adnan Udinese Loan
In M. Pašalić Chelsea Loan
In D. Zapata Sampdoria Loan
In M. Varnier Cittadella Loan
In M. Carraro Inter 5M €
In M. Salvi Pisa Unknown
In A. Santopadre Perugia Unknown
In P. Asmah Salernitana Unknown
In M. Tumminello Roma 5M €
In L. Valzania Pescara Unknown
In N. Fazzi Cesena Unknown
In M. Pessina Spezia Unknown
In B. Radunović Salernitana Unknown
In P. Gollini Aston Villa 4.3M €
In L. Vido Cittadella Unknown
In B. Cabezas Avellino Unknown
In A. Krešić Avellino Unknown
In A. Reca Wisła Płock 4M €
In B. Cristante Benfica 5M €
In B. Djimsiti Benevento Unknown
In S. Emmanuello Cesena Unknown
In G. Monachello Ascoli Unknown
In C. Nica Dinamo Unknown
In E. Suagher Cesena Unknown
In M. D'Alessandro Benevento Unknown
In E. Latte Lath Pescara Unknown
In F. Mattiello Juventus Unknown
In G. Monachello Palermo Unknown
In L. Rizzo Bologna Loan
In B. Cabezas Panathinaikos Unknown

Cagliari vs Atalanta Head to head record, stats & results. Check out the recent form of Cagliari and Atalanta. We hope to have live streaming links of all football matches soon.

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