Metz h2h stats


Bordeaux h2h stats

Country: France
Stadium: Stade Saint-Symphorien
Address: 3, allée Saint-Symphorien
Coach: V. Hognon
Country: France
Stadium: Stade Matmut-Atlantique
Address: Cours Jules Ladoumegue
Coach: J. Gasset

Ligue 1

2021-01-06 00:00:00

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Metz Squad

P. Delecroix
A. Oukidja
M. Caillard
D. Bronn
M. Udol
T. Delaine
F. Centonze
J. Boye
B. Kouyaté
L. Jans
M. Cabit
L. Lacroix
K. N'Doram
V. Angban
M. Fofana
B. Traoré
F. Boulaya
O. Nguette
W. Tchimbembé
V. Pajot
C. Sabaly
H. Maïga
Y. Maziz
G. Poblete
P. Yade
P. Sarr
I. Niane
T. Ambrose
M. Gueye
H. Diallo

Bordeaux Squad

B. Costil
G. Poussin
L. Koscielny
V. Jovanović
Y. Sabaly
L. Benito
E. Kwateng
M. Poundjé
I. Sow
P. Baysse
Rubén Pardo
Y. Adli
T. Bašić
I. Diarra
M. Zerkane
J. Briand
J. Maja
S. Kalu
N. de Préville
A. Mendy
Hwang Ui-jo
R. Oudin
S. Mara

Domestic League Stats For Metz v Bordeaux

League Rank
Total Lost
Away Lost
Goals Against
Goals Against Away
Av Goals Against Per Game
Av Goals Against Per Game Away
Av 1st Goal Against Time
Av 1st Goal Against Time Away
Goals Scored 15-30' Mins
Goals Scored 75-90' Mins

Metz vs Bordeaux Head-to-Head

Date Comp Home Score Away Stats
2021-02-28 Ligue 1 Bordeaux Metz
2021-01-06 Ligue 1 Metz Bordeaux
2020-02-08 Ligue 1 Metz 1-2 Bordeaux
2019-09-14 Ligue 1 Bordeaux 2-0 Metz
2018-05-19 Ligue 1 Metz 0-4 Bordeaux
2017-08-12 Ligue 1 Bordeaux 2-0 Metz
2017-04-08 Ligue 1 Bordeaux 3-0 Metz
2016-09-21 Ligue 1 Metz 0-3 Bordeaux
2015-04-25 Ligue 1 Bordeaux 1-1 Metz
2008-02-09 Ligue 1 Bordeaux 3-0 Metz
2007-09-26 Coupe de la Ligue Bordeaux 1-2 Metz
2007-08-29 Ligue 1 Metz 0-1 Bordeaux
2006-02-24 Ligue 1 Bordeaux 3-3 Metz
2005-09-30 Ligue 1 Metz 0-1 Bordeaux
2005-01-25 Ligue 1 Bordeaux 1-0 Metz
2004-09-10 Ligue 1 Metz 0-0 Bordeaux
2004-05-14 Ligue 1 Metz 3-1 Bordeaux
2003-12-19 Ligue 1 Bordeaux 2-0 Metz
2002-02-22 Ligue 1 Metz 1-2 Bordeaux
2001-10-20 Ligue 1 Bordeaux 1-0 Metz
2001-05-18 Ligue 1 Metz 2-0 Bordeaux
2000-07-28 Ligue 1 Bordeaux 1-1 Metz
2000-01-10 Ligue 1 Metz 2-1 Bordeaux
1999-08-27 Ligue 1 Bordeaux 0-0 Metz
1998-12-18 Ligue 1 Bordeaux 6-0 Metz
1998-08-28 Ligue 1 Metz 0-2 Bordeaux
1997-11-29 Ligue 1 Bordeaux 2-2 Metz
1997-08-08 Ligue 1 Metz 4-1 Bordeaux
1996-11-27 Ligue 1 Bordeaux 1-0 Metz
1996-08-16 Ligue 1 Metz 1-1 Bordeaux
1996-03-08 Ligue 1 Bordeaux 4-0 Metz
1995-10-13 Ligue 1 Metz 2-0 Bordeaux
1995-04-07 Ligue 1 Metz 2-3 Bordeaux
1994-10-21 Ligue 1 Bordeaux 4-2 Metz

Recent Transfers By Metz

Transfer Player Name Other Team Type
Out V. Thill Nacional Unknown
Out A. Jallow Seraing Loan
Out A. Lô Seraing Loan
Out G. Mikautadze Seraing Loan
Out S. Lahssaini Seraing Loan
Out L. Pierre Dunkerque Unknown
Out T. Efouba Thonon Évian Unknown
Out K. N'Doram Metz € 4.5M
Out S. Sunzu Shijiazhuang Unknown
Out A. Dia N'Diaye Sochaux Loan
Out A. Traoré Adalah Loan
Out Jamiro Philadelphia $ 2M
In B. Kouyaté Troyes € 3M
In W. Tchimbembé Troyes € 1M
In M. Caillard Guingamp Free
In Vágner Nancy € 3M
In C. Sabaly Pau Unknown
In V. Thill Orléans Unknown
In Y. Maziz Le Mans Unknown
In T. Ambrose Man City € 2M
In G. Poblete San Lorenzo Unknown
In L. Jans Paderborn Unknown
In V. Pajot Angers Unknown
In D. Bronn Gent € 4.5M
In Jamiro Philadelphia Unknown
In V. Pajot Angers Loan

Recent Transfers By Bordeaux

Transfer Player Name Other Team Type
Out A. Lauray Villefranche Loan
Out T. Carrique Calahorra Loan
Out F. Kamano Lokomotiv M € 5.5M
Out A. Boupendza Hatay Free
Out Y. Benrahou Nîmes € 1.5M
Out Y. Sankharé CSKA Unknown
Out T. Carrique UD Logroñés Loan
Out R. Bellanova Atalanta Loan
Out A. Tchouaméni Monaco € 21.4M
Out Jonathan Cafú Hazm Unknown
Out Y. Benrahou Nîmes Loan
In I. Diarra Créteil Unknown
In A. Boupendza Feirense Unknown
In O. Mandanda Créteil Unknown
In A. Lauray Dunkerque Unknown
In A. Mendy Brest Unknown
In Rubén Pardo Real Sociedad Unknown
In R. Oudin Reims € 10M

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